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The Apex Legends community is not happy with weapon changes in Season 6

Lowered time-to-kill and the Devotion LMG spawning in the map are some of the biggest gripes with Respawn's battle royale.
The Apex Legends community is not happy with weapon changes in Season 6

As the meta continues to develop in Apex Legends Season 6, players have found the new gunplay worse than in previous seasons, partially due to the latest changes made to the game that includes crafting and a revision to the Evo shield system.

Content creators that have made of Respawn's battle royale their go-to title have voiced their concerns, as they feel the gameplay is moving away from what made Apex Legends unique when it shadow dropped back at the beginning of 2019.

Apex Legends complaints meta guns

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TSM's own ImperialHal had some harsh words for Season  6's meta, simply calling it "trash," as the pro believes the gap between good and bad players has been reduced tremendously.

"Season 6 impression: The gun meta is complete trash now, every gun is so brain dead with no recoil with insane amount of damage, R301, Scout, Volt, Devo, havoc and f**king buffing burst weapons??? Skill gap doesn't even exist anymore."

With shields being less powerful and weapons across the board having more DPS capabilities, the TTK (time-to-kill) is significantly faster, removing an interesting part of Apex Legends that allowed for more counterplay than other games in the genre. NRG's Lulu raised this concern on her Twitter account.

"Now that my day 1 rage is out of the way here are my thoughts about Apex season 6. Let remind SOME of you people that if I didn’t have a passion and love for this game I would just quit when things are bad," she expressed while uploading her list of pros and cons of Season 6.

Respawn responds to balance changes in Apex Legends Season 6

After a community member shared a comprehensive list of information in regards to the TTK the new Volt SMG, the Devotion, and Sheila, Rampart's ultimate boast, a developer responded addressing the criticisms made by the Apex Legends fanbase.

Talking about the Volt SMG specifically, the fan favourite gun that returns from Titanfall 2, David Bocek, designer at Respawn said that "it's slower than the R99 and the Prowler and on par with the flatline/R301 for (killing enemies with) 200 total health. The volt kills <100 shields targets faster than ARs and is close to other SMGs, but 1.0s TTK for 200 health is only a moderate TTK for an SMG. We are still gathering data and looking at feedback from sources of all sorts of skill levels, but we will adjust quickly if needed!"

It seems the devs are actively trying to improve the player experience, as the Devotion SMG already received a slight nerf three days after Season 6 started.

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