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Trainwreck calls EA "FIFA pack gambling f**ks" for banning him from Nickmercs' Apex tourney

Electronic Arts informed Nickmercs that Trainwreck is not allowed to participate in his EA-sponsored Apex Legends tournament, allegedly over his gambling background.
Trainwreck calls EA "FIFA pack gambling f**ks" for banning him from Nickmercs' Apex tourney

Tyler "TrainwrecksTV" Niknam is once again at the centre of controversy due to his gambling streams, but this time around, it's not directly related to the gambling issue.

Rather, the controversy surrounding gambling streams got him removed from Nickmercs' MFAM Gauntlet Apex Legends tournament, whose main event is happening at the time of writing.

Train was supposed to be one of the invited streamers to participate in the event, but his name wasn't on the final list of players, which has left many fans wondering why was he removed. 

Nickmercs, who handles the tournament's organisation in cooperation with Respawn and EA, wanted to be completely transparent in this regard and revealed during today's stream the reason behind Train's ban.

EA bans Trainwreck from Apex tourney over "gambling concerns"

 Trainwreck Nickmercs Apex Legends EA tournament
Nickmercs and Trainwreck are still on good terms. (Picture: Trainwreck)

According to Nickmercs' explanation, the reason why is Trainwreck not participating in his Apex Legends event is due to Train's involvement in gambling streams, which allegedly is a huge concern for the publisher.

"This morning, my manager got a phone call from EA, from Apex... it's just not... they don't want him involved, " Nick revealed on his today's stream. "My understanding is that it has to do with the stuff that he does on the stream."

Nickmercs further elaborated that he personally doesn't care about what Train is doing on the stream and that gambling stuff is none of his concern, but explains that this kind of content is making problems on the business side of things, especially for people "who are pushing it", adding that Train is "definitely pushing it."

Nickmercs says that he wants to maintain full transparency in regards to what's going on as he doesn't want people to speculate or spread rumours about it.

Upon hearing the reason why EA doesn't want him, Train furiously expressed his stance on the matter via Twitter, calling the publisher hypocrite over their own gambling controversies and the fact that they had no issues working with him in the past.

Train called EA "corrupt shady f**ks" and revealed that he was paid $150,000 to play Apex Legends for four hours.

He also called them out for the hypocrisy of their "concerns" with his gambling streams, as the publisher has been under scrutiny for several years due to loot box mechanics in their games, which many see as nothing else but gambling in disguise presented to kids. This has brought many troubles to EA, particularly in European countries like the Netherlands, as more and more governments and regulatory bodies are looking into this matter.

Trainwreck EA Apex drama
EA has been criticized for FUT packs and other loot box mechanics, which many consider gambling. (Picture: EA)

Finally, Train added that he will sponsor Nick's tournament with "double of what you offer", which would currently be $100,000.

Trainwreck has been considered a "brand risk" streamer even before his gambling streams due to his often problematic behaviour and various controversies, but he does have a point about virtue signalling in this case, as a company that is allegedly doing "everything they can" to drive players to loot boxes should not take the moral high ground in this matter.

Though Trainwreck's unfiltered public outburst of anger towards a huge gaming brand will only bring him into more trouble and further mark him as undesirable for big brands.


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