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Alinity vs Kacytron mud pit wrestling match cannot be unseen

Twitch streamers Alinity and Kacytron got dirty during mud pit wrestling at Maya's Alveus Halloween event this weekend!
Twitch streamers Alinity and Kacytron have arguably had one of the most heated rivalries in the platforms' history. The rivalry sparked with Kacytron being vocal about the perceived favouritism Alinity received from Twitch after being unfairly disciplined for her prior controversial stints, including her "accidental" wardrobe malfunction and cat throwing incident.

Despite previously making peace, you can bet your bottom dollar that Twitch users were thrilled to discover that the two stars would eventually face off in a mud pit fight during Maya Higa's Alveus Sanctuary Halloween charity event on 31st October.

Kacytron pins Alinity in mud pit wrestling at Alveus Halloween event

At the start of the fight, Kacytron set the scene by taunting Alinity, saying: "I've been waiting for this sh*t since 2013, b*tch! Let's go! F**k you w***e!" before serenading the theme to the song Eye of the Tiger by Survivor.

Alinity vs Kacytron in mud pit fight charity halloween event twitch
Alinity vs Kacytron in a mud pit fight. (Picture: Twitch / Maya)

Things quickly got dirty as the two Twitch stars began to climb on top of one another to pin the other down in the mud pit. First, Alinity climbed on top of Kacytron, wrapping her arm around Kacytron's neck in a semi-head lock. Kacytron then managed to stand up with Alinity on her back and later threw Alinity down, pinning her into the pit.

Alinity gets tackled by Kacytron in mud pit brawl. (Picture: Twitch / Maya)
Alinity gets tackled by Kacytron in a mud pit brawl. (Picture: Twitch / Maya)

After being victorious in the first round, Kacytron proclaimed her victory with a truce, yelling: "This is my sister! We are not enemies. All women are my sisters."

Alinity then interjected, yelling, "You weren't supposed to get me in the face! I ate so much dirt!" At this time, Alinity's face was smeared with mud, and she was not impressed. Kacytron then proceeded to throw mud at Alinity, prompting yet another brawl between the two streamers.

Alinity and Kacytron call a truce after mud pit battle. (Picture: Twitch / Maya)
Alinity and Kacytron call a truce after the mud pit battle. (Picture: Twitch / Maya)

Alinity, clearly determined to take revenge, pounced on top of Kacytron's back in an attempt to bring her to the ground but was unsuccessful.

She then tried to pull Kacytron to the ground by wrapping her arms around Kacytron in a grapple. This move appeared to work; however, Alinity must have lost her balance because she ended up falling back into the mud pit as well.

In an attempt to keep Kacytron pinned down, Alinity wrapped her arms and legs around Kacytron to keep her down. Sodapoppin could be seen cheering them on, while Esfand (in his Dr Disrespect outfit) commentated on the match.

Alinity eventually managed to tire Kacytron out with her grapple, but the match was cut short after Maya came in to stop the fight in case things became bannable.

Alinity wins the second round of mud pit brawl against Kacytron. (Picture: Twitch / Maya)
Alinity wins the second round of mud pit brawl against Kacytron. (Picture: Twitch / Maya)

While I doubt Maya's interjection was necessary, Alinity and Kacytron conducted the brawl in good spirit. Also, nobody got hurt, and it was clear that both content creators were having fun. Despite both streamers settling their differences, this mud pit fight was one for the books!

You can watch the full stream in the video embedded below. The Alinity versus Kacytron fight starts around the 5:08:00 mark.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / Alinity and Kacytron.