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When is the Apex Legends Season 9 Collection event?

A Collection event occurs in every season of Apex Legends, but gamers may have to wait a bit longer for Season 9. Here’s all the available information on the Apex Legends Collection event for Season 9.
When is the Apex Legends Season 9 Collection event?

Typically, Apex Legends seasons run for about a three-month period. Their accompanying Collection events usually occur about halfway through that three-month season.

Seeing that Season 9 started on 4th, May 2021, we would normally expect the Collection event to occur around the second week of June. Though this season will operate on a slightly different timeline.

The Apex Legends Global Series Championship runs until 13th, June 2021 and will likely take precedent over normally scheduled game events. So when can Apex Legends gamers expect to see the Season 9 Collection event?

Apex Legends Season 9 collection event
(Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends Season 9 Collection event

Similar to most other Collection events, we can expect to see the premiere of some exclusive in-game content. One of the highlights will be the new heirloom, with leaks suggesting that Revenant or Rampart could be in line for the new drop.

There will also be a collection of new cosmetics for players to unlock. These should include Legendary skins for both characters and weapons, as well as a new prize track to progress through.

In a recent statement, Ryan Rigley, who serves as director of communications at Respawn Entertainment, said that the 9.1 update is scheduled for “the end of June”. Seeing that Collection events usually open on Tuesdays, we can expect 29th June as a target date, the last Tuesday in June.

Potential Japanese Legacy event

Leaks online suggest that this Apex Legends season could be in line for a Japanese legacy theme. Data miners have revealed that the file name is “Japan Legacy” though there is no confirmation at this time.

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