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YouTube engineers build fully-functioning replica of Fuse's bionic arm

The explosive project was to celebrate the release of Season 8 of Apex Legends.
YouTube engineers build fully-functioning replica of Fuse's bionic arm

It's been a week since the release of Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem, which brought big changes to the map in King’s Canyon, along with new content in the shape of a Battle Pass and new Legend, the Aussie-born Fuse.

Fuse, also known as Salvo's hero, is a mercenary who likes to use his great explosive arsenal to blast his way to victory, most notably with his grenade launching bionic arm.

It's a facet of the character that has quickly caught the imagination prompting YouTube channel Hacksmith Industries, known for recreating famous artifacts from sagas like Star Wars and Back to the Future, to create wearable and fully-functional version Fuse’s bionic arm.

The video shows how the engineers at Hacksmith went about creating Fuse's arm, starting with the internal design (clarifying that they would not use real weaponry, as it is illegal and a great way to be demonetized).

After this, they went on to build the most important part of the project: the projectile launcher. This was made using custom steel pieces, as well as incorporating a compressed air chamber to give propulsion to the projectiles.

Hacksmith Fuse arm apex legends
(Picture: Hacksmith Industries)

Having successfully tested its power, they went on to craft the arm's frame, made from several perfectly molded and welded pieces of steel. They were also responsible for creating the smaller parts and of course the main projectiles, to resemble the original design as closely as possible.

Finishing touches included painting and afixing various cosmetics, including leather jacket, to make it look as close as possible to Fuse as we see him in Apex Legends.

Replica fuse arm(Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

And of course then came the testing phase the replica was designed to carry many different munitions and we get to see it firing dummy bullets, cans of Red Bull and nerf grenades and while it doesn't quite pack the punch of the Aussie's explosive arm it was able to damage computer monitors, vegetables, and even cinder blocks.

Fuse ARm Replica firing
We are not here to f**k spiders. (Picture: Hacksmith Industries)


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Feature image courtesy of Hacksmith Industries