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Assassin's Creed Valhalla Codex Pages: All Hidden Ones Bureau locations

A guide on how to find every Hidden Ones Bureau location and find all six AC Valhalla Codex Pages to get the Assassin's Creed Valhalla Hidden One's outfit.
Assassin's Creed Valhalla Codex Pages: All Hidden Ones Bureau locations

Sometimes is easy to forget that Assassin's Creed Valhalla is an actual Assassin's Creed game.

The main connection of the game's world with the bigger universe of Assassin's Creed is the story of the Hidden Ones, the precursors to the Assassins.

In order to find out more about them, the first thing you will need to do is to construct the Valhalla Hidden Ones Bureau in Ravensthorpe, your settlement in England which you will establish and upgrade throughout the game.

By building a bureau for them to establish their operations, you will be able to take on quests on their behalf to eliminate the Order of the Ancients in classic Assassin's Creed fashion, by assassinating them.

Hytham, who's their representative, will first help you to unlock Leap of Faith, one of the most iconic Assassin’s Creed moves, and then he will ask you o help him in finding Codex Pages.

Hidden Ones Bureau Locations
(Picture: Ubisoft) 

These AC Valhalla Codex Pages can be found all around England, and they will help you to learn more about the history of the Hidden Ones, but you will also be granted a nice reward after you collect them all - the Assassin's Creed Valhalla Hidden One's outfit.

There are 6 Codex Pages scattered in all corners of England, but Hytham will not give you any clues on how to find them, and there will be no special directions on your map that will lead you to them.

They are all hidden within Hidden Ones Bureaus, and to find Codex Pages, you will need to find Hidden Ones Bureau locations.

If you are having trouble with finding some of these codex pages, read further to find out the locations of all 6 AC Valhalla Codex Pages and Hidden Ones Bureau locations.

AC Valhalla Ratae Bureau location

AC Valhalla Ratae Bureau Codex page location
(Picture: Ubisoft) 

Ratae Bureau is the easiest and probably the first one many players will stumble upon.

  • It is located in Ledecestre, east of the town centre, right next to a body of water there.
  • Check the "Wealth-Armour" marker here, and you will spot a mural painted on the floor, which you will recognize to be the Assassin's Creed logo.
  • Next, use your Raven to look around, and you will notice a sack full of stones hanging above a breakable pit.
  • Tear the rope that keeps the bag, and the heavy bag will break the pit entrance, and you will enter the Ratae Bureau.
  • Slide inside and take your rewards:  Hidden Ones' Gloves and the Codex Page.

AC Valhalla Camulodunum Bureau location

AC Valhalla Camulodunum Bureau location
(Picture: Ubisoft) 

To find the next Codex Page, head to the city of Coclestre, in Essexe.

  • Once there, go to the southwest of the Ealdorman's house and among the ruins, you will see a fallen tree making a pathway across the wall.
  • Climb on that tree and when you are above the wall you'll see another breakable pit entrance below.
  • Go back to a nearby market, take an oil barrel, and then go back and toss it on the pit entrance to break it.
  • The entrance is now open and you can drop into it.
  • You will find yourself again among the Roman ruins, which is a good sign, it means that you are close.
  • Inside, you will notice the scaffolding which you will need to climb and at one point pull the block from the door, and there will be a submerged room.
  • Once you cross that room, go through the tunnel, and when you notice two banners with the Assassin's Creed logo, climb up the banner on your right and then, with the help of some things hanging from the ceiling, jump to the other side, where the second banner is.
  • You will find another locked door there, and a pit with water. Jump into that water and search for the key. It will be easy to spot it, the key will glow.
  • Go back and unlock the locked door, and now in that room, you will see the other blocked door through the grate. Use your bow and arrow to break what's blocking the door on the other side.
  • Now go back and jump to the banner on the right side (from where you came from) and open the locked door to get the Hidden Ones' Hood and the Codex Page, along with some other loot.

AC Valhalla Eboracum Bureau location

AV Valhalla Eboracum Bureau location
(Picture: Ubisoft) 

Entrance to the Eboracum Bureau is located in the city of Jorvik.

  • Go south-east of the Jorvik Theatre, where you will find a little girl talking about some ghosts. If you speak to her, she will show you where is she hearing those ghosts.
  • She will bring you to the cemetery and right in the middle of it, there's another breakable entrance, which you can break with an arrow and then jump into it.
  • You will find yourself in the water again, and you should dive until you are on the other side.
  • Pass through the crevice and you will see a room with a big body of water.
  • Jump from one pillar to another until there is a platform on your right side, then continue jumping in the direction of the platform until you hit the wall.
  • You will notice some shelves nearby, which you can move to reveal a passage to the other side. Go through it.
  • From there just go straight until you enter one big from with scrolls.
  • Use Odin Sight to find the hidden key on top of one of the bookcases there, and then unlock the locked door nearby.
  • Go inside and collect your rewards:  Hidden Ones' Robe and Codex Page.

AC Valhalla Temple of Ceres Bureau location

AV Valhalla Temple of Ceres Bureau location
(Picture: Ubisoft) 

For this one, you will need to go to the edge of the world. Well, the edge of the map in this case.

  • Go south-west of Glowcestrescire, pass through the Forest of Denu, and you will find some ancient ruins.
  • Two huge statues are standing there in front of a temple entry.
  • Just pass straight between them, climb some ruined stairs, and you'll see an entrance to the temple, which will lead you below the ground.
  • In the first room, on the right side, you find a hidden passage behind some vases.
  • Pass it, and then go straight until you enter a room with the floor door. Drop the torch on it, and then shoot it with an arrow.
  • From there just continue going forward (search the rooms for loot) and at one point you'll find a breakable wall.
  • Shoot the wall with an arrow, go inside and take your precious rewards: Hidden Ones' Leggings and Codex Page, as well as some other goodies.

AC Valhalla Venta Belgarum Bureau location

AV Valhalla Codex Page Venta Belgarum Bureau location
(Picture: Ubisoft) 

You will find Venta Belgarum Bureau in the middle of Wincestre, just north-west of the Witan Hal.

  • You will see some Roman ruins covered in overgrowth.
  • Jump across the wall, and in the middle of the ruins, you will find a huge, deep hole.
  • Go down carefully, and when you are down, you will notice a door barred from the other side. 
  • As usual, you will need to jump into the water and dive deep until you find a passage to the other side of that door.
  • Once there, unblock the door and take one of the oil barrels located just outside the door.
  • Use that oil barrel to open a hole in another breakable wall you will find inside the pit, behind the once closed door.
  • Go through to the hole and in the next room grab your valuable rewards: Suttungr's Claw and Codex Pag.

AC Valhalla Londinium Bureau location

AC Valhalla Londinium Codex Page Bureau location
(Picture: Ubisoft)

For our final codex, head to the city of Lunden.

  • When you are in Lunden, follow the road east from the amphitheatre, right next to the city walls, on the outskirts of the city.
  • You should be on a location with a lot of mossy columns and arched walls of stone.
  • Near one of those arches, you will notice a cart.
  • Climb on that wall where the cart is located, and go all the way to the top.
  • On your right side, you will see a huge branch of a tree, protruding from the wall.
  • Go all the way to the end of that branch and from there do Leap of Faith right into the central area between all the columns.
  • You'll drop into a pool of water.
  • Go underwater and find a breakable wall, which you will need to smash.
  • Swim through the opening and you should find yourself in a cave on the other end.
  • Climb to the hanging platform with a box, then shoot through the window at the red barrels, which will break the window on the other side of the room
  • Now use ropes, bars, and other hanging things to go to the other side, and that's it, you are inside Londinium Bureau!
  • Collect the Hidden Ones' Mask, Codex Page, and some other loot that is waiting for you there!

And there you have it, all Bureau locations and Codex Pages! Enjoy your Assassin's Creed Valhalla Hidden One's outfit!