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How to get every Exotic Armour and Weapon in AC Valhalla: Wrath of Druids

Find out how to get up to four different Exotic Armour sets and many weapons from all over the world in AC Valhalla’s first expansion, Wrath of the Druids.
How to get every Exotic Armour and Weapon in AC Valhalla: Wrath of Druids

The first expansion for Assassin's Creed Valhalla is now available worldwide, where players can now explore a whole new region based on Ireland and find many quests, artifacts, enemies, and more, thanks to all the content added in Wrath of the Druids.

One of the biggest additions has been new armour sets along with weapons and shields, which you can get throughout the map by completing challenges. Some of these refer to some of the past games of the AC saga, being part of an exotic collection that will require you to complete certain missions in Dublin. So now it’s time to find out how you can get each of the new Exotic Armours and Weapons in the game.

How to get every Exotic Armours and Weapons

To get the chance to own each of these items, you will have to trade a lot of supplies in the trade posts found around the map, so you’ll need to invest heavily your time into getting of all of these and improving Dublin’s Renown Rank, so you can access its unlocking screen.

You can get supplies from completing Azar’s contracts, assaulting monasteries or some enemy camps, as rewards from main and side quests from the game, through the Assault Shop, and as loot from chests scattered all over the world.

Iberian Set

Iberian Armor set assassins creed valhalla(Picture: Ubisoft)

This set will be available at the first level of Dublin’s Renown Rank and is composed of five pieces and one weapon, which you can get from completing the following Trade Contracts:

  • Clothes for Cordoba: 20 Clothing – Iberian Armor
  • Textiles and Testaments: 10 Clothing, 20 Texts – Iberian Bracers
  • Clothes for Cordoba VI: 30 Clothing – Iberian Helmet
  • Textiles and Testaments III: 10 Clothing, 30 Texts – Iberian Breeches
  • A Final Feast: 15 Clothing, 15 Texts, 20 Delicacies – Iberian Cloak
  • Emir’s Indulgence: 20 Clothing, 20 Texts, 30 Luxuries – Iberian Seax (Dagger)

The full armour bonus will increase the Attack stat after dodging, and also gives an additional increase to Melee Damage and Evasion. With the Iberian Seax, you will have a temporal buff to your Critical Chance after making a dodge.

Egyptian Set

Egyptian armour set
(Picture: Ubisoft)

For this set, you will have to increase the Renown Rank to level 2 by completing some specific requests to Azar in Dublin, delivering some special materials and also by liberating Trade Posts from all enemies around. After that, you will have to complete the next Contracts:

  • A Formal Feast: 40 Clothing, 30 Texts, 10 Delicacies – Egyptian Breeches
  • Cover to Cover II: 60 Clothing, 30 Texts – Egyptian Bracers
  • Cover to Cover IV: 80 Clothing, 25 Texts – Egyptian Helmet
  • Fine Works: 30 Texts, 30 Luxuries – Egyptian Cloak
  • Precious Things: 40 Texts, 30 Delicacies, 20 Luxuries – Egyptian Khopesh (Sword)
  • The Studious Sovereign: 25 Texts – Egyptian Armor

The full armour bonus will increase the Attack during the day and gives an additional increase to Melee Damage and Fire Build-Up Resistance. For the Egyptian Khopesh, this will allow you to ignite it after making critical hits.

Rus’ Set

Rus armour set

The third set will require you to increase the Renown Rank to level 3 by completing the requests from Azar and liberating more Trade Posts to get resources faster, so you can complete these Trade Contracts:

  • The Viking Prince: 30 Delicacies – Rus’ Torso Armor
  • Refreshing Words: 80 Texts, 30 Delicacies – Rus’ Bracers
  • All the Trimmings II: 60 Clothing, 60 Texts, 20 Delicacies – Rus’ Helmet
  • Layers and Flavor: 100 Clothing, 40 Delicacies – Rus’ Breeches
  • Refined Taste II: 30 Delicacies, 40 Luxuries – Rus’ Cloak
  • Refreshing Words II: 80 Clothing, 45 Delicacies, 30 Luxuries – Rus’ Shield

The full armour and Shield bonuses increase Attack when you are surrounded by three or more enemies, while also increasing your Melee Resistance and Armor.

Greek Set

Greet Set AC Valhalla(Picture: Ubisoft)

For this final exotic set you will have to increase Dublin's Rank to level 4 doing all the quests we have talked about before and completing these Contracts:

  • Ivory for the Emperor: 30 Luxuries – Byzantine Greek Armor
  • In Fine Fashion II: 140 Clothing, 20 Luxuries – Byzantine Greek Bracers
  • Feast for the Senses: 150 Clothing, 120 Texts, 20 Luxuries – Byzantine Greek Helmet
  • Feast for the Senses II: 90 Texts, 50 Delicacies, 25 Luxuries – Byzantine Greek Breeches
  • Feast for the Senses III: 100 Delicacies, 30 Luxuries – Byzantine Greek Cloak
  • Trappings of Wealth: 200 Clothing, 150 Texts, 35 Luxuries – Byzantine Spear

The full armour bonus will increase your Armor after a Critical Hit, your Melee Damage and Health. For the Byzantine Spear, this increases your Critical Chance the lighter you are.


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