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Battlefield 2042 Season 3 Release Date, Leaks and Confirmed content

There isn't much time left for Master of Arms in Battlefield 2042. Find out when Season 3 could start and the content that will follow.
Battlefield 2042 Season 3 Release Date, Leaks and Confirmed content

The launch of Battlefield 2042 was certainly rocky and DICE has had some trouble getting the ball rolling on new seasons. However, the roadmap has started to smooth out and we can already look toward the next collection of content in Season 3 of the classic FPS title.

Though fans may have wanted more, Master of Arms has proven to be a fairly successful season for Battlefield 2042 in terms of fixes and additions. DICE will likely aim to bring back more classic options in Season 3 to bring the game to its best condition so far. Below, we'll go over when the next season could begin and what you can expect.

Update on 16 November 2022 - This article was updated and checked for the latest 'Battlefield 2042 Season 3' news and leaks.

Battlefield 2042 Season 3 Latest News

November 12 - EA Leak plenty of new details about Season 3

Details of Battlefield 2042’s upcoming season 3 may have leaked online via an official EA description on YouTube in the description of the Chinese promo for the new season.

According to the leak, the devs are introducing a new special-class character called Rashid Zain, along with a tank named EMKV90-TOR. There's also news on a few new weapons, including the Roche Mk-4 railgun and an NVK-S22 smart shotgun.

These details were later removed, so it seems a safe bet that this content will arrive when Season 3 drops in December.

November 10 - DICE releases an official Season 3 developer blog

10 November Update - DICE has released a new developer update for Battlefield 2042 (below) and whilst a firm Season 3 launch date has yet to be confirmed, we have learned plenty of new info about the upcoming season.

For starters, the upcoming 3.2 Update will reintroduce the Class system of previous Battlefield games. During the Season, the Manifest and Breakaway maps will also be reworked.

As for new content, we still have to wait for the full reveal which is "just around the corner", but today's development update did confirm that the season would add a new specialist, battle pass and content for 'Battlefield Portal'. More intriguingly there are also plans for a "smaller, tighter, infantry-focussed map" coming too.

The team also confirmed that the game is set to join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play libraries in the near future, which should hopefully prove a boost to player numbers.

Battlefield 2042 Season 3 Start Date

First and foremost, everyone wants to know when a new season is going to begin. Master of Arms has been going since late August and much of the content has been exhausted. A few more content drops may happen along the way, but nothing game-changing is projected.

Luckily, the start date for Battlefield 2042 is expected to be late November 2022. Both the pass and the Weekly Challenges found in the game indicate that Season 2 will last until November 22, 2022, specifically. That opens up the window for a whole new content drop that DICE can implement into 2042.

Keep in mind that the roadmap for Battlefield 2042 has been rocky and the date could be delayed to sometime shortly after November. That's not a guarantee by any means, but at the very least, Season 3 should be live before 2022 comes to an end.

Battlefield 2042 Season 3 Leaks

One of the Battlefield communities' most well-known leakers has suggested that the next season could be called 'Escalation'. No further details were shared but given that we're expecting the new season to arrive in December 2022, we doubt it will be too long before we learn more. Officially or unofficially. 

Battlefield 2042 Season 3 Content and Classes

When Season 3 begins, players can look forward to the usual additions that are brought to Battlefield. There will be at least one new map, a new specialist, and plenty of weapons. For the weapons, in particular, there are typically two or three added right away and some of the classic portal weapons will also be moved to 2042.

Along with the new content, DICE will go back to previous content to bring the quality to the same level across the board. This includes changes to launch maps and weapons that needed plenty of tuning for different gameplay.

The Class System is also rumored to return and may be the most important change yet. Specialists will all be thrown into one of four categories that are standard in Battlefield: Recon, Support, Engineer, and Assault. This has been one of the largest complaints for the game and could finally be fixed.

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Featured image courtesy of Electronic Arts.