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Battlefield 2042 weapon tier list - best guns in BF 2042

If you are new to the Battlefield franchise, having the best gun available is always a great safety net, so we will bring you everything you need to know about the top weapons in Battlefield 2042.
Battlefield 2042 weapon tier list - best guns in BF 2042

First-person shooters have always been a bit daunting whenever you are playing a franchise for the very first time and Battlefield 2042 is no different with its colossal maps and menacing vehicles.

Getting to know the shooting mechanics, cadence and everything about a weapon is also part of the adventure of playing a brand new FPS so we took on the task of softening that blow for you.

So fasten your seatbelts because we will tour around the best weapons in Battlefield 2042 and how to make them part of your regular loadout.

The LCMG takes the crown as the best weapon available in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Best Guns LCMG
The LCMG combines range and firepower that can make you a deadly threat despite the specialist role you prefer. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

We took advantage of Battlefield 2042 early access to test out the weapons available and we found some conclusions, some predictable and others not so much.

Top tier: LCMG

If you already had a chance to test Battlefield 2042 this cannot be a surprise to you as this LMG has become everyone´s favourite.

Even though it works its best whenever you are in mid-range, you can modify its attachments to challenge opposing snipers but I would try to get in a close range scuffle and win every time.

Again, the part we love the most about the LCMG is how versatile and lightweight is for a gun with that kind of range and power, which has made it our base weapon for every match and the cross menu help us adapt it to every terrain and situation. 

Other guns in the top tier are:

  • PBX-45
  • AK-24

Mid-tier: K30 & M5A3

Battlefield 2042 Best Guns K30
The K30 will be the best option for happy-trigger players. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

The K30 is probably the quickest SMG in the game with an amazing fire rate that would down opponents very quickly at close range, although this would drain your ammo which is the main reason the weapon is just one step behind from the LCMG.

The M5A3 on its self is a very classic AR that works great from mid-range but it does suffer a little bit more with accuracy and recoil that takes a while to get the hang of it.

Other guns in the mid-tier are:

  • G57
  • M44
  • MP28
  • MP9
  • AC-42
  • DM7
  • DXR-1
  • 12M Auto

Low tier: SWS-10 & MCS-880

Battlefield 2042 Best Guns MCS 880
The MCS-880 shotgun suffers was bound to be in the lowest tier because of its short range. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

We do not mean to say that these weapons are bad, it is more that they take way more skill and are more situational than the rest in order to be effective.

For the SWS-10 it is just a very unreliable sniper that in the hands of a newbie will represent more deaths than kills as its sniping abilities come down to a headshot to one-down an enemy.

In the case of the MCS-80 it is very similar to the SWS-10, but in the shape of a shotgun, as it truly barely works on short distances and in the vast space of Battlefield 2042 maps that will not be an advantage.

Other guns in the low tier are:

  • MP28
  • PP-29
  • PKP-BP
  • SVK
  • VCAR
  • NTW-50
  • GVT 45-70

And there you have it, all the guns in Battlefield 2042 ranked from best to worst!

Make sure to give a look at our dedicated section as we will bring you everything you need to know about every Battlefield news, loadout tips and more.

Feature image courtesy of Electronic Arts