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Battlefield 2042: Best keyboard and mouse settings

Find here all the best settings to play Battlefield 2042, if you are a fan of using a keyboard and mouse.
Battlefield 2042: Best keyboard and mouse settings

Battlefield 2042’s open beta has begun and it's garnered a very mixed reception with some feeling that it captures what makes the franchise so popular, while others feel that the game doesn't live up to their expectations for a triple AAA game.

For those that are now enjoying it, they're tinkering with every setting to get as big a competitive advantage as possible. That means looking at performance and graphical settings to increase FPS, and making sure your setup is optimal -- whether that is for a controller or mouse and keyboard.

Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042 beta brings the first look into EA's next big launch. (Picture: DICE / Electronic Arts)

Whatever your chosen input method is, it’s always important to find the right settings for you and Battlefield 2042 gives users quite a few options to tweak.

This time, we'll take a look at the best key bindings, in case your best choice is playing with a keyboard and mouse.

Best PC key bindings for Battlefield 2042

As you will see, many of these bindings are familiar if you have been playing other FPS titles for some time.

But, in case you are not that experienced, we recommend you to learn them as fast as possible to get the most out of your experience in Battlefield 2042.

Character Keys

  • Move: W/A/S/D Keys
  • Sprint: Shift (Hold)
  • Look: Mouse
  • Melee: F Key
  • Crouch: Left Ctrl or Hold C Key
  • Prone: Z Key
  • Slide: Z Key (While sprinting)
  • Jump: Spacebar
  • Vault: Spacebar + Move towards obstacle
  • Enter/Exit Vehicles: E Key
  • Revive: E Key (Hold)
  • Plus Menu: T Key
  • Zoom: Right Mouse Button
  • Fire: Left Mouse Button
  • Grenade: G Key
  • Reload: R Key
  • Call-In Menu: B Key (Hold)
  • VOIP: Left Alt Key
  • Chat: H Key
  • Full Map: M Key
  • Menu: Esc Key
  • Swap Seat (Vehicle): F1 to F8
  • Comorose/Ping: Q Key (Hold)

Number Keys

  • Switch Primary/Secondary Weapon: 1, 2
  • Specialty: 3
  • Open Gadget: 4
Best key bindings for Battlefield 2042
Best key bindings for Battlefield 2042. (Picture: DICE / Electronic Arts)

Mouse sensitivity and movement settings

It’s time to talk about the custom settings. Finding the best balance in these will be crucial for you, as these will affect directly your performance in the game.

Some of these will be left at default, since moving them won’t bring you any significant advantage, while others will help you focus more on the battle by reducing shaking effects, improving your aim, or changing how much you can see on your peripherals by manipulating the field of view.


  • Soldier mouse aim sensitivity: 15-30
  • Invert Vertical Look for Soldier: Off
  • Field of View: 75-90
  • ADS Field of View: On


  • Soldier sprint: Toggle
  • Double-tap forward to sprint: Off
  • Sprint keybind: Press L-Shift
  • Sprint to vault over: Off
  • Always use Transversal Sprint: Off


  • Soldier weapon zoom: Hold
  • Zoom keybind: Right Mouse Button
  • Steady scope: On
  • Steady scope keybind: Press L-Shift
  • Soldier zoom aim sensitivity: 35-50


  • Parachute auto display: Off
  • Air spawn parachute auto-deploy: On
  • Quick throw grenades: Off
  • Reload Hints: On


  • Vertical Mouse Aim Ratio: 100
  • Vertical Mouse Zoom Aim Ratio: 100
  • Uniform soldier aiming: Off
  • Coefficient: 100
  • Zoom transition sensitivity: Off
  • All Zoom Aim Sensitivity: 100


  • Invert Vertical Look for Soldier: On
  • Mouse raw input: On
Battlefield 2042 Orbital map
One of the biggest in-game attractions is the dangerous tornado from the Orbital map. (Picture: DICE / Electronic Arts)

It goes without saying that in case you are used to a certain pattern, you can edit the predefined bindings at any time, to adapt them to your liking and play without problems during the open beta.

Don’t forget to check out our dedicated Battlefield section for all the news, updates, guides and more.

Featured image courtesy of DICE / Electronic Arts.