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Battlefield Mobile Was Cancelled Due To The Failure Of Battlefield 2042

A lead on Battlefield Mobile has revealed that the failure of Battlefield 2042 is part of the reason behind Battlefield Mobile's cancellation.
Battlefield Mobile Was Cancelled Due To The Failure Of Battlefield 2042

Alex Seropian, the co-founder of Bungie and Industrial Toys, spoke to Mobilegamer.biz about the reason behind the cancellation of Battlefield Mobile, stating that:

"In the course of the last year, a few things happened. Battlefield 2042 came out, and the community reaction to 2042 was not good. That cascaded a bunch of introspection. Apple also changed the IDFA rules, and the long and short of it is that it's made user acquisition a lot more expensive. So organics eroded away with 2042's release, and paid distribution got an order of magnitude more expensive because of the IDFA rules

And then Apex came out and I don't know if EA has talked about why they canceled it, whether it was economics or whatever, but without me saying, you could fill in the blanks I guess."

Battlefield Mobile had already had a beta test by the time the game was canceled and was intended to release in either late 2022 or early 2023. Once it was canceled, the developer behind the title, Industrial Toys, was also closed down. 

Later in the same interview, Seropian claimed that EA was unwilling to give the studio what they needed to make the game work:

"We did our soft launch, which was going well, but it's like, okay - to get to the finish line we're gonna need this much time and this much money to get to global"