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Battlefield 2042 All Servers at Capacity Error

Battlefield 2042 has overtaken the server capacity and many players are unable to log into the game, here's why!
Battlefield 2042 All Servers at Capacity Error

Following the release of Battlefield 2042 Season Six, the player count has skyrocketed and while that's great news for DICE, the positive reaction hasn't taken the best toll on the Battlefields servers. Chances are, you're reading this page because you're encountering an error message which reads:

"All servers are currently at capacity. We ask that you please try again shortly and we appreciate your patience. Error Code: 1:86001S: 1898096929O:0B"

Unfortunately, though, there is no quick fix to this particular error in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 'At Capacity' Server Error Explained

Prior to the launch of Season 6, DICE would keep their server capacity relative to their average player base (which was low). But a sudden influx of players from the recent update and free-to-play weekend has seen demand to play the game grow.

Unfortunately, the servers weren't prepared for this considering thousands of global players now can't access the title. 

How To Fix Battlefield 2042 'At Capacity' Server Error

If you're experiencing this error you need to restart your game and attempt to rejoin the servers every five minutes. Unfortunately, Battlefield doesn't provide a queuing system and requires players to restart the game until they manage to get in.

EA has made it clear they're currently working to improve server capacity, hopefully, this improvement remains permanent due to Battlefield 2042 now being the eleventh "most played" game on Steam this month.