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Biomutant Dark Red or Light Blue: Which aura is better to choose?

After creating a character in Biomutant, you will be presented with a choice between Dark Red and Light Blue aura. This guide will help you understand both of these choices and help you decide should you pick a Dark Red in Light Blue aura in Biomutant.
Biomutant Dark Red or Light Blue: Which aura is better to choose?

Amongst many other gameplay systems, Biomutant also features a special morality system that is presented to players in the form of Dark Red and Light Blue auras.

Once you complete the character creation in Biomutant, you will be offered a choice between the two auras: Dark Red and Light Blue aura.

This might look like a choice whether you will play an evil character or a good character, but that's not entirely true, and it has more to do with some early skill you will have unlocked.

With this guide, we will help you to understand how will this choice affect your gameplay and what is the exact function of the Dark Red and Light Blue auras.

Should you choose Dark Red or Light Blue aura in Biomutant?

Biomutant aura which one to choose dark or light
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First thing first, you should know that choosing each one of those at the beginning will simply add two dark points or two light points to your dark/light auras.

These two morality stats("evil" and "good") are independent of each other, and choosing an aura at the start of the game will not lock you into playing only as evil or good character, as you are still free to make different choices throughout the game which will earn you dark or light points based on your decisions.

Depending on the level of your light and dark auras, there will be certain Psi-Powers that will only be available if you have a specific aura.

If you have a Light aura, you will have these light skills unlocked:

  • Freeze
  • Levitate
  • Ki Spark

On the other hand, if you have a Dark aura, you will have access to these dark skills:

  • Sizzle Ball
  • Telekinesis
  • Sky Spark

As we've already mentioned, earning points for one aura doesn't negate points for the second one, as those two scales are independent of each other.

Asides from different skills, your aura will also decide how some NPCs interact with you and some dialogue options will be different depending on your morality. There will also be some quests that are only available to a character with a specific aura.

Finally, the game's ending will also be different depending on your overall levels of these two auras.

Again, you should keep in mind that while all this is definitely leading you to a specific path, both in terms of story and in terms of gameplay, the initial choice between the Dark Red or Light Blue auras is not as influential as it might look, because most of your aura points you will earn throughout the game with all the choices you will make.

And of course, if you want to play both as an evil and a good character, you can always play the game twice and see both endings.

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