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How to get Hyprozapper Ozarhypro in Biomutant: Best auto-rifle weapon

Finding the Hyprozapper Ozarhypro can be a little tricky, however, it is worth the risk as it’s auto-rifle weapon in Biomutant.

Many of the players within Biomutant have spent their time collecting each of the unique weapons and mounts within the game, as they fight their way through the map defeating the most powerful or elusive enemies and bosses within the world of this ARPG. And while we actually one of the best ranged weapons in the entire game because of its electrifying effects and accuracy in the form of the Sparkatron Hypicskromp, there are a few more options just in case short range is not your style and you prefer being like a sniper, so this time we will show you how to get the Hyprozapper Ozarhypro.

Biomutant Hyprozapper Ozarhypro: How to get

Hyprozapper Ozarhypro biomutant how to get best auto rifle weapon(Picture: THQ Nordic)

The road to finding this Ultimate Weapon will be harder than others, as this requires you to travel to the Sludgegush Fields, a toxic area surrounded by a lot of air contamination where your character call fall down due to hypoxia, so you will need to put on your airtight suit before entering this zone.

When you are ready, you will have to reach a plain zone covered by this toxic mist and some metallic structures around, where you will have to face a dangerous enemy called the Emergent Bulgtusk, a fierce boss which can also shoot fireballs from its mouth towards you, and also go on a rampage to tackle you at any moment.

Hyprozapper Ozarhypro biomutant how to get best auto rifle weapon(Picture: THQ Nordic)

To deal with it, we suggest using your best ranged weapons you have on hand as if you get too close to it, you can be an easy target for his headbutts, or you can end without escape against its fireballs.

After you finish with it, the beast will drop some of its faeces and the special Unwell Place Vault Key, allowing you to learn the place of the vault where the weapon is contained thanks to a new sidequest.

Hyprozapper Ozarhypro biomutant how to get best auto rifle weapon(Picture: THQ Nordic)

Follow the signal of the checkpoint until you are close enough to see a robotic entity. This robot will attack you the instant you get too close to the entrance of the vault, you will have to deal with it before you can reclaim your reward.


Once defeated, just go interact with the door and the vault will be opened, showing just a lonely display where the Hyprozapper Ozarhypro will be inside for you to take it.

In its base state, the Hyprozapper Ozarhypro will be a 5.5 stars weapon, however, you can buy some add-ons and craft them into the sword so you can upgrade it up to 7 stars.

In the video above, Karpo Gaming gives you a visual guide to getting this chilling, destructive weapon in Biomutant.

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