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Biomutant Dead-Eye best build guide: Breed, attributes, perks, weapons, more

If you want to know what's the best Dead-Eye build in Biomutant, this article will help you to understand what are best attributes and perks for Dead-Eye, and what breed should you choose.
Biomutant Dead-Eye best build guide: Breed, attributes, perks, weapons, more

Biomutant offers a variety of builds of playstyles for players to choose from, depending on what they prefer.

And although the game is set in something that can be described as a fantasy world, this is first and foremost a post-apocalyptic Earth, and that means there will be guns. A lot of guns.

And we think that Automatic Rifles and Rifles might be the best weapons in the game due to various perks that are making them deadly-non-stop-shooting machines.

If you prefer ranged combat we highly recommend you to focus on Automatic Rifles and Rifles, and for that, the best class is the Dead-Eye.

If you want to play a deadly long-ranged build that reloads expectantly quickly, almost always has ammo, and triggers crits non-stop, then this build is a perfect choice for you.

Best Breed to pair with Dead-Eye in Biomutant 

Biomutant Dead-Eye best build guide Breed, attributes, perks, weapons, more
(Picture: THQ)

In our article about Breeds in Biomutant, we've mentioned that although they will push you towards a specific build, they are not as important as they might look at the first glance.

Yes, they all have some unique starting perks and will give you slightly different stats, gravitating to a specific playstyle, but those are all minor changes are you can still build your character however you like, no matter which Breed you choose.

With that being said, the best Breed for this Dead-Eye Automatic Rifles/Rifles build are either Primal or Murgel.

That because they have the highest Critical Chance bonus out of all Breeds.

The reason why Critical Chance is important is because Biomutant doesn't have stats that directly improve your ranged damage and the only attribute that will help you deal more damage with ranged attacks is Critical Damage.

And the higher your Critical Chance is, the more often will Critical Damage trigger, thus giving you insane DPS later in the game, when you boost your Critical Chance.

If we need to choose between the two, that would be Murgel, due to his Loot Chance and Barter, which are the highest in the game.

Loot (weapons, components, consumables and other gear) are very important in this game, and with higher Loot Chanse you will more often find high-quality loot, while Barter will give you better prices when dealing with merchants.

This will help you not only to be better equipped but to upgrade your weapons properly and thus deal even more damage.

Dead-Eye attributes: Which stats are the most important?

Biomutant Dead-Eye best build guide Breed, attributes, perks, weapons, more
(Picture: THQ)

As we've mentioned above, for the Dead-Eye ranged combat build none of the basic stats helps, as they do not improve your ranged damage.

When you are choosing your attributes, you will be able to increase Strength, Agility, Charisma, Intellect, or Vitality.

Overall, Vitality is the best stat to increase as it will improve your survivability (Health and Armour). Invest points in Vitality so that you have at least 30 or more, while the rest of the starting points you should put in either Strength and Charisma.

The most important attribute for this build is Luck, but you can not improve your Luck at the start of the game. That's why you should invest all of your points into Luck whenever you level up, as that will improve your Critical and Loot Chance, and we've already mentioned how important are they for this ranged build.

Higher Critical Change → More Critical Hits → More Damage.

On the other hand, a higher Loot Chance will give you better weapon components to upgrade your weapons, which will also lead to more damage.

You will not really need any of the other attributes for this build, except for when you need to meet certain requirements for a weapon or armour you would want to use.

Best perks for Dead-Eye in Biomutant

Best perks for Dead-Eye in Biomutant
(Picture: THQ)

The focus of this build is on Automatic Rifles and Rifles, so you will want to use Perks that improve the functionality of rifles in many ways.

You will want to choose perks that improve damage, reload times, magazine capacity. The idea is to output a lot of damage, while always having enough bullets in your magazine and ideally never reload.

  • Sharpshooter - This is a perk unique to the Dead-Eye class, and it is one of the most broken perks in the game. It doubles your Weapon's damage, and you absolutely must take it immediately you reach level 15, so make sure to have 3 Upgrade Points at your disposal when the time comes.
  • Perfect Reload - If you use this one properly, you will instantly reload when you are low on ammo and will have 20% more damage for the duration of your next magazine.
  • Clip Tech - More ammunition per clip, which is great for this build.
  • Gunsmith - Your ranged weapons deal more damage, and that's exactly what we are trying to achieve with this build.
  • Crackshot - Great for standard rifles, as it increases their damage.
  • Sniper - Another great one if you use regular rifles, as it increases your Critical Chance.

We think that these above are the "core" perks to choose for this build, others depend on what you find important. If you miss Perfect Reload timing often, you might consider Trigger Tech and Quick Reload.

For survivability, Adrenaline and Plating might be a good option. Luck Out is also a great perk to pick as it increases your Loot Chance by 10%. Better Loot Chance equals better components and equipment.

And that's about everything we think is important about this build. Keep in mind that Wung-Fu is practically completely irrelevant for this build, so you should focus on Perks. Ideally, you should not spend any upgrade points on Wung-Fu.

You should spend most of your Bio Points to upgrade your Resistances, as they are more important than  Biogenetics.

Shout-out to Castielle and Fextralife for creating this build. To find out more in-depth information and more details about this build, we advise you to watch their video below, where you can also see Dead-Eye in action.

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