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Biomutant Jagni or Myriad tribe choice: which to join?

The Myriad or Jagni tribe is a choice you will need to make early in Biomutant. This guide will help you to decide which Biomutant tribe you should become an ally with.
Biomutant Jagni or Myriad tribe choice: which to join?

Almost immediately after you finish your character creation in Biomutant you will have another choice to make: to join the Jagni or Myriad tribe.

Tribes of Biomutant are one of the key factors in the game, both in terms of the story and in regard to gameplay options you will have throughout the game.

The tribe choice in Biomutant will appear shortly after you have finished with the tutorial level of the game. You will speak with Millemog and receive your first Psi-Point, after which Out-Of-Date will come to speak with you.

He will explain that the Worldeaters are too powerful for you to battle them alone, and thus you will need to find an ally in one of the local tribes. He will advise joining a side based on your current Aura, but that's just that - advice, you don't have to follow it.

You will be presented a choice to either go over the bridge to the northwest and visit the Jagni Fortress or to go through the tunnel, which will bring you to the Myriad Fortress.

Then you will make a decision on which tribe to join.

Should you join Jagni or Myriad tribe in Biomutant? 

Should you join Jagni or Myriad tribe in Biomutant?
(Picture: THQ)

In order to join a tribe, you will need to speak to a Tribe Sifu, which are essentially leaders of tribes.

If you choose to join the Jagni tribe and talk with the Jagni Sifu, you will side with a tribe that is oriented towards Dark Aura.

This will allow you to more easily collect Dark Aura points, and it will unlock dark PSI Powers.

In general, they are very hostile, they want to be "omnipresent and feared" and they will offer you gameplay abilities for a more aggressive playstyle.

By joining them you will get access to a unique tribe weapon, Jagni Tribe Staff, which posses a unique set of Wung-Fu abilities, oriented towards aggressive and reckless playstyle.

You will also get the unique Jagni armour, and other Dark Aura tribes (3 in total) will be friendly towards you and will not attack you.

This will give you some unique quests and NPC dialogue options, and inhabitants of the world will treat you differently.

Should you join Jagni or Myriad tribe in Biomutant
(Picture: THQ)

If you choose to speak with the Myriad Sifu, you will join a more peaceful and defensive Myriad Tribe, which seeks to unite the tribes, defeat the Worldeaters and save the Tree of Life.

Joining them will allow you to grind Light Aura points quicker, and you will get access to Myriad Tribe Boomerang, their unique ranged weapon with exceptionally high accuracy.

You will also unlock light PSI Powers and other Light Aura Tribes (Ankati and Entra) will be friendly and consider you an ally. Finally, you will also earn their Myriad armour set.

You should keep in mind that just like when you choose Dark Red or Light Blue aura, choosing a tribe doesn't mean that you strictly need to follow that moral codex ("evil" or "good"), you can still play however you want, but for the sake of min-maxing and build optimisation, it is advised to choose a tribe based on your Aura preferences, as it will be much easier and more natural.

Can you change tribe allegiance in Biomutant?

Your starting tribe choice is not permanent and you can change your tribe allegiance at any point during a game.

No matter what choice did you make at the beginning, you can still visit other tribes' forts and have a word with their Sifu about changing your mind.

They will gladly accept you, but once you do this, you will permanently burn bridges with the tribe you've betrayed, and you will not be able to become their ally again, as none like traitors.

So yes, you can change your tribe, but you should think carefully about it, as there's no turning back once you do it.

Finally, it should be noted that although you will only get access to unique tribe weapons if the tribe is your ally, you can also take other tribes' weapons by brute force, if you manage to defeat enemy tribes.

And with that, we are wrapping up our Biomutant tribe guide.

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