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Biomutant patch in the works, devs promise bug fixes and changes based on feedback

The first big patch for Biomutant should come as early as next week.
Biomutant patch in the works, devs promise bug fixes and changes based on feedback

The first big update for the post-apocalyptic action RPG Biomutant is currently in the works, the game's developer Experiment 101 announced.

When released last week, Biomutant received mixed reviews. Some fans have been praising the game for its beautiful visuals and extensive character creation options, but many find that the game lacks a diversity of missions and that it can quickly become repetitive.

biomutant patch 1 next update bug fixes
(Picture: THQ)

Many have found the story to be rather shallow as well, and overall it seems that there is a consensus that the game doesn't offer challenges when it comes to combat.

Hopefully, there will be some room for improvements and it seems that developer Experiment 101 and publisher THQ Nordic are ready to work on the game and make it better with updates.

The first patch is on its way, and it seems that PC players will probably be the first ones who will get to play it possible sometime next week.

According to what developers shared, the first patch will focus on "the pacing of dialogues and narrator settings" which were some of the more common complaints, but will also tackle difficulty settings as well as loot and enemy balancing, as they want to make the game more challenging in more meaningful ways.

The game will also add more options when it comes to video settings, including depth of field and motion blur setting.

Finally, Experiment 101 also mentions that they will do something about combat and sound as well, but didn't go into details.

The studio emphasizes that they are prioritising fixes and changes based on the community feedback, and encourages players to continue sending them feedback in regards to bugs and what they think should change.

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