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Biomutant: How to destroy the Boomhut

Destroying boomhuts in Biomutant has proven tricky for players in the early going.
Biomutant: How to destroy the Boomhut

When you begin to attempt to unite the tribes in Biomutant, you will find yourself at various outposts that need to be overtaken. While in theory, this is relatively simple, in practice it has turned out to be somewhat confusing. 

The actual enemies aren’t anything challenging as long as you have the right gear. However, the part that’s tripping players up are the boomhuts. These are machines that lob endless grenades at you during the fight and need to be destroyed to successfully take over an outpost. The problem is, there’s no clear way to destroy them, as bullets don’t work. 

Of course, there’s one way to destroy them and you can find out what it is down below. 

Destroying boomhuts in Biomutant 

boomhuts biomutantOne of the boomhut outposts in Biomutant. (Picture: TQNordic)

To find a boomhut, all you have to do is find an outpost and start to take it over. As you’re fighting the enemies inside of the base, the boomhut will begin lobbing grenades from one of the walls of the base. It’s wise to take out all of the enemies in the outpost before trying to take care of the boomhut, as it can be quite annoying to have enemies interrupt you. 

As you’re facing the boomhut, all you need to do is press the interact button when one of the grenades is flying at you. This button will appear on screen as the grenade gets close to you and if you time it correctly, the grenade will fly back at the boomhut and it will be destroyed. 

Boomhunt biomutantA boomhut still firing grenades. (Picture: TQNordic)

This is the only way to destroy the boomhuts in Biomutant and it works with all of the ones you’ll come across when taking over outposts. As long as you time the attack on the grenade, boomhuts will no longer be a problem for you.