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Guide > RPG > Biomutant

Biomutant: How to get the best flying mount Batnam-Nam early

The vast open world of Biomutant hides many secrets and the best way to explore it is by air! Here's how to get the flying mount Batnam-Nam early in the game.

After years of development and several delays, action open-world RPG Biomutant has finally been released.

The game is set in a unique and intriguing post-apocalyptic world, full of strange creatures, mysterious locations and anthropomorphic inhabitants.

There's a lot to explore and uncover there, but the sheer size of the world can be intimidating at times.

Thankfully, the game features a mount system that will help you traverse across the world of Biomutant much faster.

There's a lot of mounts to be found in the game, but the best one is by far the flying mount Batnam-Nam. And the best thing is that you can acquire it quite early in the game!

This guide will help you understand where to find the flying mount Batnam-Nam and how to get it.

Getting the flying mount Batnam-Nam in Biomutant

biomutant flying mount Batnam-Nam location how to get
(Picture: THQ/Karpo Gaming)

The first thing you will need to do is to go and talk to Pebble, which will be one of your tasks anyway.

You can see their location on the map provided above. Once there, talk to Pebble and make sure to upgrade your Claw to level 2.

Pebble will give you a quest called Pebble's Climbospot Tests, for which you will need to climb at three specific spots. When you finish this quest, he will reward you by upgrading your Claw to level 2.

Once you are done with the first questline, for the second quest you will need to secure three Ziplines for Pebble.

biomutant flying mount Batnam-Nam location how to get
(Picture: THQ/Karpo Gaming)

These three Ziplines are quite easy to locate and access. They are easy to spot on the map and from there just visit each one of them, and simply zip down the line.

When you finish both quests, Pebble will give you a reward, the flying mount Batnam-Nam!

But it will not be that easy, as he will not give it to you straight away, instead, you will need to find a path to the nest.

biomutant flying mount Batnam-Nam location how to get
(Picture: THQ/Karpo Gaming)

To find the nest, you will need to follow yellow paint on the rocks behind Pebble. Just climb the rock with yellow paint all the way up to the top. It is important to notice that you can only climb where there's yellow splattering on the rock, so follow the yellow trace.

At the very top, there will be one more zipline. Use it and on the other side, you will find the nest! And there's your reward, the flying mount Batnam-Nam in Biomutant!

biomutant flying mount Batnam-Nam location how to get
(Picture: THQ/Karpo Gaming)

Now you will have one of the best mounts very early in the game which will allow you to explore the game's world more freely and efficiently.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to check out our dedicated section for Biomutant, filled with guides, news and more.