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Biomutant: How to unlock the Flying Blimp

Cruising around the world of Biomutant is better in a giant blimp.
Biomutant: How to unlock the Flying Blimp

While riding around the world of Biomutant on a mount, like the Batnam-nam, is a cool experience, there’s something about a blimp that’s simply more enticing. In Biomutant, players have the option of unlocking such an item through a side quest. However, that side quest isn’t just handed out, so you’ll need to go looking for it. 

For those that haven’t found it yet or don’t know where to look, don’t worry, we have you covered. Keep reading for a full guide on where to find the side ques that will net you the flying blimp in Biomutant. 

Unlocking the Blimp in Biomutant 

The location you’ll need to go to is called “Blimpstation,” which is found in the northernmost part of the map. It’s a sub-location under the main point of interest “Kluppy Dunes.” Head there either on a mount or on foot and find the Blimpstation POI.

Flying blimpThe location for the blimp. (Picture: TQNordic)

Once there, enter the door down some stairs and find Lobo, who’s the giver of the blimp quest. She will offer you the chance to help her and, of course, you need to say yes. The first thing you need to do for her is find the Frankendog, which is marked on your map. Just head there, find the Frankendog and head back to Lobo. 

After you’ve given her the Frankendog, she will say she needs a tiedown from a shipwreck. Again, this is marked on your map, so head there, complete the rotation puzzle that’s required and return with the tiedown, which is actually an anchor. 

Biomutant flying blimpThe completion of Lobo’s quest. (Picture: TQNordic)

This will complete the quest and Lobo will reward you with the flying Blimp, called the “Gullblimp.” You’re able to fly the blimp out of the location and are now able to use it whenever you desire.