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Cities Skylines 2: How To Increase Population Fast

Leveling up in Cities Skyline 2 is partially tied to increasing the population of your city, so here's how to do it fast.
Cities Skylines 2: How To Increase Population Fast

Cities Skylines 2 features anumber of different ways to expand on the development of your city. Firsty, a players' city will hit certain Milestones, which will open up a few development options and award Development Points. It's these points that allow you to unlock even more features and upgrades for your city.

But to progress through the Milestones, players will need to earn XP which comes from a variety of sources, including population growth. So if you're looking to build up your city fast, and place more intricate features and constructions, then you'll want to increase your population size as fast as possible. 

How To Increase Population Size In Cities Skylines 2

You'll be able to check the happiness and well-being of each citizen. (Picture: Colossal Order)

The easiest way to give yourself a boost in population in the early game is to ensure that all zones are built effectively, and also that there's enough of them. You'll want to make sure there's a lot of residential housing available, the majority of which will likely be low-density housing at first. 

You'll also need to ensure that there are a few commercial buildings scattered amongst the residential zones. On top of that, you'll need to make sure that there are enough jobs available, via industrial zones, and that they have efficient routes through to the commerical buildings.

The population of your city will be divided into four age groups: children, teens, adults, and seniors. You should check the population breakdown of your city to see which demographic is the most abundant. Check their happiness to find out what could be missing from your city. A happier population increases the demand of people wanting to move there.

If you want to give your early city a boost, consider building a school as soon as its available. Other services will also increase the happiness of your population, namely hospitals and fire services. 

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