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Cities Skylines 2 Mods, In-Game Editor Release Date

Mods are an important part of the Cities Skylines 2 experience, but they won't be available at launch. Here's what we know so far.
Cities Skylines 2 Mods, In-Game Editor Release Date

Cities Skylines 2 is set to expand on the original by giving fans even more creative freedom than before. While the base game will have plenty of features for players to get stuck into, die-hard fans will be eagerly anticipating the launch of its mod support.

Developer Colossal Order and publisher Paradox Interactive have already stated that mods and the in-game editor won't be available at launch, but will follow soon after. In a blog post, Paradox said, "We've been planning and working on the Paradox Mods platform for Cities: Skylines II from the very beginning of the development of the game and will continue after its release."

So when will mods arrive in Cities Skylines 2? How long will players be waiting post-launch before they're able to ramp up their creativity? Here's what we know so far.

When Will Mods Launch For Cities Skylines 2?

At the time of writing, Paradox Interactive have not confirmed the official release date for mods in Cities Skylines 2, however they have confirmed that they'll arrive after launch. In a recent FAQs page, Paradox confirmed that mods will be created and made available through Paradox Mods. Players will need to link their platform (Steam, XBOX, PSN) account with their Paradox account to log in.

The publisher also confirmed that there will be no paid mods or microtransactions associated with Paradox Mods. "The version made for Cities: Skylines 1 was made so that a few hand-selected assets could be used on XBOX, and the idea for Cities: Skylines II is much grander," Paradox explained.

"We want to make the creation, uploading, sharing, and downloading experience as smooth as possible for a community that enjoys modding as much as you do. We will have full freedom to make any changes, improve any feature, and take any suggestions and make them into reality, so when you get your hands on the platform, we will be listening eagerly to all your voices!"

We'll be sure to keep this page updated with the latest news regarding the mod launch date for Cities Skylines 2.