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Paradox Warns Cities Skylines 2 May Launch With Performance Issues

With just a week to go until launch, publisher Paradox Interactive warns that Cities Skylines 2 may have performance issues at first.
Paradox Warns Cities Skylines 2 May Launch With Performance Issues

The sequel to popular city building and management game Cities Skylines, Paradox Interactive's Cities Skylines 2 is set to launch on October 24, 2023. And while fans are eager to see how they'll be able to build their new and improved cities, things might not be all that smooth at launch.

In a recent blog post, Paradox were transparent with fans about the game's performance. It was previously revealed that Cities Skylines 2's minimum and recommended PC specifications were increased, of which Paradox said, "Cities: Skylines II is a next-gen title, and naturally, it demands certain hardware requirements."

The blog post went on to say that, despite the best efforts of the development team, the targeted performance benchmark hasn't quite been met. Interestingly, Paradox has confirmed that they do not intend to delay Cities Skylines 2, and that it will continue to release on October 24:

In light of this, we still think for the long-term of the project, releasing now is the best way forward. We are proud of the unique gameplay and features in Cities: Skylines II, and we genuinely believe that it offers a great experience that you will enjoy.

While players should head into Cities Skylines 2 with these newly managed expectations, Paradox have ensured fans that they "will continually improve the game over the coming months."

"Our ambition is for Cities: Skylines II to be enjoyed by as many players as possible, and we're committed to ensuring it reaches its full potential."