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Cities Skylines 2: How To Unlock Trains

Looking to expand your public transport offerings with trains? Here's how to unlock them in Cities Skylines 2.
Cities Skylines 2: How To Unlock Trains

Public transport is the backbone of any city, and the same is true in Cities Skylines 2. Whether its buses, taxis, trains, or planes, having efficient public transport systems in place will help your citizens get around your city with ease. They also offer connections with other cities, helping to bring in better tourism and trade routes.

In Cities Skylines 2, the faster you implement public transport, the better. It'll not only increase the development of your city, but improve its attractiveness in getting more citizens to grow the population. One of the best modes of transport you can implement are trains. Below, we'll go over how to unlock trains in Cities Skylines 2, and how to set up your stations.

How To Get Trains In Cities Skylines 2

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Trains are one of the earliest nodes you can unlock in the public transportation Development Tree. (Picture: Colossal Order)

If you're growing your city in Cities Skylines 2 and wondering why you've yet to unlock trains, don't worry. Trains and train stations aren't automatically unlocked as you level up your city, like they were in the original Cities Skylines. Instead, players will need to head to the Development Tree.

There's a section in the Development Tree dedicated to public transport, depicted by a green bus icon on the left navigation bar. Trains are actually one of the first nodes you can unlock from this particular tree, and it'll only cost you one Development Point. In order to start unlocking nodes in the public transport tree, you'll need to have levelled up your city enough to have unlocked buses and taxis, which will unlock with Milestone progression. 

How To Place Trains & Train Stations In Cities Skylines 2

To get your trains up and running, you'll need a few buildings. First, you'll need a train depot where your trains will be stored and depart from. Then, depending on how you want your train service to function, you'll need a train station or two.

You'll need one train station if the only connection you're making is with outside lines (e.g., lines that serve to bring people or cargo from outside of your city into its area). You'll need at least two train stations if you're looking to shuttle people or cargo from one area within your city to another. You'll also need to make sure that the stations are connected to the train depot, either directly or via other stations.

Once you've placed your train depot, stations, and linked them all together with tracks, you can then set up a train line to start shuttling people or cargo to and from.

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