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What's that noise? Warzone players report hearing wolf-like howling

Players are reporting hearing a wolf-like howl in the north of the map.
What's that noise? Warzone players report hearing wolf-like howling

Keeping a battle royale fresh is hard, just ask the developers of PUBG, which even with a selection of maps, was eventually displaced by Fortnite.

Call of Duty: Warzone does not want to go the same way and it may well be they are taking a leaf out of Epic Games book by updating Warzone with various events to continually evolve the map and keep players hooked.


Warzone wolf howling animal noises on call of duty warzone
Players are reporting hearing a howling noise across the Warzone map (Picture: Activision)


There have been some hints before, with mysterious bunkers dotted around the map that look like at some stage they can be unlocked.

And there has been another more recent addition to the game that has been freaking players out - the sound of what appears to be wolf's howling, usually heard in the northern parts of the Verdansk.


Can someone please explain what the fuck Im listening to from CODWarzone


Reports of the howling go back to March but players are reporting hearing them increasingly and in more locations.


This happened a month ago but I forgot to share the clip, at around 10 seconds you can hear a strange siren, none of my friends could hear it, does anybody know what is it? from CODWarzone


What this all means is anyone's guess but it could be a reference to Omar "The Wolf" Sulman, the leader of the terrorist organisation featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Fans of Warzone have been clamouring for more content with rumours of a new map continually doing the rounds, Season 4 is just around the corner and with it being confirmed to be coming to next-gen consoles Fortnite style events are likely to be a major part of the games life cycle.