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Call of Duty
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Leaks suggest new Warzone map will have rolling sandstorm instead of gas

Players could find themselves knocking sand out their shoes.
With Season 4 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare around the corner, players of the popular Warzone battle royale mode if they may be receiving a new map sometime soon.

The short answer to that is: probably not, as Infinity Ward has confirmed that changes are coming to the current map - Verdansk - in the near future.

However, a leak has given us a hint at what the new map may look like when it finally arrives.

The images leaked via the ModernWarzone Twitter show a "stagnant sandstorm" surrounding Urzikstan, the name of what could be the next Warzone map.



Sandstorms are notoriously difficult to see in, so this would fit the gas/storm of other battle royales while giving the new map a unique feel.

ModernWarzone say they don't believe it will be coming to Warzone any time soon, and we have to agree with the current map Verdansk much more likely to see some drastic changes before the release of any new map.