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All new legendary weapons available in COD Mobile Season 9

Here is your first look at the Legendary weapons you will have the chance to get in COD Mobile’s Season 9.
All new legendary weapons available in COD Mobile Season 9

A new season is about to unfold in Call of Duty: Mobile, as the game is set to celebrate the Halloween-themed season stacked with new content, including a new multiplayer map, two new weapons, and the comeback of its seasonal Standoff map.

As always, among the most awaited content for the season are the exclusive legendary weapons. These are skin variations for some of the latest and greatest guns in COD Mobile.

Legendary weapons available in COD Mobile Season 9

All of these weapon skins are available through Lucky Draws released during Season 9, although some of these could also be obtained as blueprints. With that said, let’s take a closer look at all five legendary weapons added in this new season.

Chopper - Rules of the Game

Coming straight from your worst nightmares, the first of the legendary skins of the season is for the Chopper LMG, one of the best weapons within COD Mobile.

COD Mobile Season 9 Chopper Rules of the Game skin
First look at Chopper's Rules of the Game skin. (Picture: Activision / Murdablast)

This weapon skin features a lot of bloody details inspired by the psychological horror movie “Saw”, being released in a new collaborative Lucky Draw, along with Billy's special skin for Morte.

Obviously, what stands out the most is its circular saw on the back, as well as a butchered foot near the base of the barrel, which will make everyone in front of you shudder with dread.

Thumper - Surprise Party

This next skin for the Thumper, one of the latest additions to the game’s arsenal, will be available with the launch of the new legendary skin for Gunzo, “Devil Jester”

COD Mobile Season 9 Thumper Surprise Party skin
First look at Thumper's Surprise Party skin. (Picture: Activision / Murdablast)

Thumper’s Surprise Party skin features a red hot core, that runs to the top of the barrel, along with some metal details like the addition of steel tips around its body, and a little exhaust close to the base, making it a perfect choice for lovers of motorbikes.

Swordfish - Calaca

Going a little aside from the spooky season, this majestic weapon design is based around one of Mexico’s biggest annual traditions, the Day of the Dead or Día de Muertos.

COD Mobile Season 9 Swordfish Calaca skin
First look at Swordfish's Calaca skin. (Picture: Activision / Murdablast)

Following the same aesthetic as this holiday, this legendary skin for the Swordfish features a body entirely made from the skeleton of an animal, decorated with some traditional and colourful patrons in all of the bones, as well as a marigold bouquet at the back.

This skin will be available in a special Lucky Draw, together with a batch of content based on the Day of the Dead, also featuring the new “Esqueleto” skin for Soap.

HG 40 - Ghoul Bound

This spectral skin for the HG 40 is powered by the souls of all those you bring down on the battlefield.

COD Mobile Season 9 HG 40 Ghoul Bound skin
First look at HG 40's Ghoul Bound skin. (Picture: Activision / Murdablast)

As such, the Ghoul Bound skin incorporates a core that radiates with dark energy, adorned with gold details that stand out on its metallic finish, with a large chain connected under the trigger and the back.

AK117 - Platinum Raider

The last of the legendary skins for Season 9 will be a little more futuristic, as it features a design that’s based around a Robocop-esque world.

COD Mobile Season 9 AK117 Platinum Raider skin
First look at AK117's Platinum Raider skin. (Picture: Activision / Murdablast)

COD Mobile’s Season 9 “Nightmare” will be available for Android and iOS devices on 21st October at roughly 2 am BST.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.