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COD Mobile Season 9 battle pass: Price, free and premium rewards, tiers, trailer and more

Find here all the details for the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 battle pass, including its rewards, price, trailer, and more.
COD Mobile Season 9 battle pass: Price, free and premium rewards, tiers, trailer and more

A new season is about to unfold in Call of Duty: Mobile, as it celebrates the Halloween season stacked with new content, including a new multiplayer map, two new weapons, the comeback of its seasonal Standoff map, and much more.

Besides, the thing that most players are eager discover and grind is battle pass, as Activision has already teased some of the rewards available in some of its tiers, featuring new characters, epic weapon skins, and a powerful new AR, the Swordfish, as part of its exclusive content.

COD Mobile Season 9 battle pass prices

COD Mobile’s battle pass is always featured in two different variants, and this next one is no different.

The Season 9 battle pass contains a total of 50 tiers, with its base version purchasable for 220 CP (Credit Points), through which players can unlock all the premium rewards.

COD Mobile Season 9 Battle pass tiers trailer price premium free rewards
COD Mobile's Season 9 battle pass bundle rewards. (Picture: Activision)

Its upgraded variant, i.e., the battle pass bundle, costs 520 CP and offers some additional perks such as the ability to unlock a few rewards instantly, exclusive BP bundled rewards, etc.

This time, the exclusive rewards for the bundle include the “Infested” skin for the sickle, the “Pale Moon” parachute, a new avatar and border for your profile, and the “Arboreal Assault” calling card.

COD Mobile Season 9 battle pass rewards

As Season 9 serves to commemorate this spooky season, the rewards for this battle pass are all focused on giving you the best style with bloody designs, inspired by some of the most common monsters and spectres of pop culture.

COD Mobile Season 9 Battle Pass rewards
Full overview of the Season 9's battle pass. (Picture: Activision)

Here’s a list of the main rewards available in the Season 9 battle pass, along with the tiers you need to reach to unlock them:

Free Battle Pass

  • Scythe Time - Sticker (tier 1)
  • Ninja – Dark Flower (tier 8)
  • New Operator Skill TAK-5 (tier 14)
  • Charm – Cymbal Monkey (Tier 16)
  • New Weapon Swordfish (tier 21)
  • Pharo - Covenant (tier 28)
  • PDW-57 - Covenant (tier 31)
  • M4 - Covenant (tier 36)
  • Fields of the Fallen Calling Card (tier 46)
  • Striker - Covenant (tier 50)

Premium Pass

  • Artery - Nosferatu (tier 1)
  • UL736 – Gourd Loader (tier 1)
  • On the Prowl Calling Card (tier 1)
  • Charm – Zom-bale (tier 1)
  • HS0405 – Skeletal Ignition (tier 10)
  • Iskra - Arachnis (tier 12)
  • Generous Giver Emote (tier 15)
  • Peacekeeper MK2 – Spine Rattle (tier 30)
  • Nikto - Scarecrow (tier 35)
  • PP19 Bizon – Haunted Haystack (tier 40)
  • Swordfish – MKII (tier 50)
  • Rott – Tomb Bound (tier 50)

You can have a look at the Season 9 teaser trailer released by Activision earlier today, where you can see some of the characters and skins from the battle pass in cinematic action.

COD Mobile’s Season 9 “Nightmare” will be available for Android and iOS devices on 21st October at roughly 02:00 BST.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.