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COD Mobile: How to get free rename card

If you want to change your name in COD Mobile, you will need a rename card and here's how you can get it for free.
The name you set in Call of Duty: Mobile is your identity while you play matches, and everyone wants to set up a username that everyone would remember. 

While a few players are just bored of their current name and want to change it. In that case, you would need a rename card to set up a new username. While you can get it by spending COD Points which cost real money, you can also get it free.

How to get a free rename card in COD Mobile

How to get free rename card in COD Mobile
Players can change name once in three days using a rename card in Call of Duty: Mobile. (Picture: Activision)

Here is how you can get rename card in COD Mobile for free:

  1. Head to the in-game Store from the bottom side of the screen.
  2. Then go to the Cards tab from the left side of the screen, where you will find Rename Card.
  3. Tap on it and hit the CP 200 button.
  4. Now, tap on the "C" tab, and you will find the option to buy the rename card via 1000 Credit Points.
  5. Select the number of rename cards you want to buy and confirm your payment.

Note: You can change your name only once in three days.

How to get free rename card in COD Mobile
Players can buy as many rename cards as they want for free in Call of Duty: Mobile via Credit Points. (Picture: Activision)

Credit Points in COD Mobile are free and can be earned by playing various matches, completing tasks, events and more. 

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