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Best weapons in COD Mobile Season 7: The strongest and most broken guns

It's time to go Special Forces with Season 7 of Call of Duty: Mobile, Elite of the Elite, fast-roping from the sky. To get up to speed with the new meta, check out our best gun guide.
Best weapons in COD Mobile Season 7: The strongest and most broken guns

COD Mobile Season 7, named "Elite of the Elite", has arrived, with a myriad of new content.

The update will add two new multiplayer maps, Monastery and Scrapyard 2019, a fancy new Battle Pass with countless items to unlock, the Hades LMG, a Cyber Attack-themed event, and much more.

The Season 7 update has also brought some significant balance changes, in total, six weapons have received either buffs or nerfs.

The Holger 26 and the Fennec have undergone the most drastic changes, as well as the LK24, while the Type 25, the RUS-79U, and AS VAL have received some minor tweaks.

How will this affect the Season 7 meta and which weapons are now the best in COD Mobile Season 7? Let's find out. 

Best Assault Rifle: Man-O-War

Best weapons in COD Mobile Season 7
The Man-O-War is our pick in Season 7. (Picture: Activision)

The Man-O-War assault rifle has been one of the best guns in COD Mobile for several seasons now, and we have finally caved in and realized that it deserves to be our pick for the best assault rifle in Season 7.

This beast comes with strikingly high DPS while being remarkably accurate, and all that packed in a gun that's relatively easy to manage, thanks to its controllable recoil. Get your hands on the Man-O-War and show your enemies that judgment day has arrived.

Best SMG: MX9

Best weapons in COD Mobile Season 7
The MX9 was added in Season 6, and it has stood the test of time. (Picture: Activision)

The MX9 is our favourite SMG simply because it is so nicely balanced, and sometimes that's is all you need. It doesn't have any particularly strong characteristics which will make it stand out in its category, but you will not find any downsides with this weapon as well.

It's an SMG that can be used effectively at mid-range combat if the situation requires, while still being excellent as a close-quarters combat weapon. Its versatility and reliability are what make it great, and why it has our recommendation.

Best Sniper/Marksman rifle: MK2 Carbine

Best weapons in COD Mobile Season 6 - the strongest and most broken guns
The MK2 is as reliable as ever in Season 7. (Picture: Activision)

No changes when it comes to the best Sniper/Marksman rifle in Season 7.

The MK2 Carbine has received a few decent buffs last season, despite already being a great weapon, but TiMi Studio, the game's developer, probably has enough data that can justify those buffs.

Whatever the reason is, the MK2 is by far the best gun for those of you who are confident in your aiming skills. It has high damage, solid range, and reliable accuracy while allowing you to be quite mobile compared to other guns in its category. What more could you want?

Best light-machine gun: Chopper

Best weapons in COD Mobile Season 6 - the strongest and most broken guns
Get to the choppa! And take the Chopper! (Picture: Activision)

Given that the Holger 26 has been nerfed to oblivion with the Season 7 update, the Chopper remains an undisputed king amongst light-machine guns.

The only real downside of this weapon of mass destruction is that it's quite cumbersome and it can significantly slow you down. You will need to choose your position carefully and think upfront about your movement. Other than that, you are going to annihilate your opponents, as it has such immense power (high damage + fast fire rate) and reliable accuracy.

Best shotgun: KRM-262

Best weapons in COD Mobile Season 6 - the strongest and most broken guns
The KRM-262's reign won't come to an end anytime soon. (Picture: Activision)

The KRM-262 has been standing out as a top COD Mobile shotgun for several seasons now, and things are not going to change in Season 7.

The shotgun's ability to adapt is unparalleled in its class, where you are usually forced to play in a very specific way if you want to make any results, and that's why the KRM-262 still remains S-Tier and keeps the title of the best shotgun in COD Mobile Season 7.

And there you have it, this is our list of top guns for COD Mobile Season 7. As you can see, we value flexibility and versatility above other qualities, as we have come to a conclusion over the seasons that this is really important in a game like COD Mobile. 

If you don't agree with us, that's fine, we just want to give you our perspective and explain what has been a deciding factor in making this tier list.


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