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COD Mobile
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COD Mobile new battle royale class Desperado: Abilities, passive skills, and more

The latest Season introduces a brand-new class to the game. Learn all about the Desperado in COD Mobile right here.
Fans of COD Mobile have plenty to look forward to when Season 1: New Order kicks-off. From the classic battle pass to new balance changes, the developers at TiMi studios have another surprise in store -- a new class for the Battle Royale. 

Unveiled via a YouTube video, the Desperado class features exclusive abilities and a passive skill that will be familiar to veteran players of the franchise. 

Let's take a look at what the Desperado can do in COD Mobile.

Desperado class in COD Mobile: Abilities and passive skill 

Desperado COD Mobile
(Picture: TiMi Studios)

This new Desperado class, which will become available when Season 1: New Order drops on 26th January, introduces two unique abilities to spice up the gameplay of the mobile title. 

Here's what they do:

  • Shield Turret: Place a shielded turret with limitless ammo for the duration of the turret.
  • Last Stand: Shoot with a pistol when heavily wounded. You can save yourself if killed an enemy.

As you can see, this is a very self-sustainable class that favours area control over rushing down enemies. Plays that have a more passive playstyle will heavily benefit from Desperado's toolkit.

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