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Best Peacekeeper MK2 loadout for COD Mobile Season 3

The Peacekeeper MK2 has some new buffs in COD Mobile Season 3 to make the weapon more competitive than ever with the best loadout.
Best Peacekeeper MK2 loadout for COD Mobile Season 3

The Peacekeeper MK2 has struggled to break into the meta for some time now, but COD Mobile Season 3 may change that with one final adjustment to the assault rifle. In the new season, the overall TTK will be higher thanks to some additional multipliers.

In previous seasons, the Peacekeeper MK2 was considered too hard to handle, so some changes were made to the recoil and handling capabilities of the weapon. Control and TTK changes have opened up the way for some new loadouts.

The best Peacekeeper MK2 loadout in COD Mobile Season 3

cod mobile peacekeeper mk2
The Peacekeeper MK2 could reach full potential this season. (Picture: Activision)

Many of the usual Peacekeeper MK2 attachments will remain the same in COD Mobile Season 3, regardless of the changes. However, players are able to experiment with a longer-range variant that can take more recoil within the initial build of the weapon.

  • Barrel: Rapid Fire Barrel or Taskforce Barrel
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Foregrip
  • Laser: Aim Assist Laser
  • Muzzle: RTC Muzzle Brake
  • Rear Grip: Firm Grip Tape

Typically one barrel can be considered the best when creating a loadout, but there are two great options for the Peacekeeper. The safest bet is the Rapid Fire Barrel, but this attachment has a massive decrease in range. Using this makes the weapon more of submachine gun, which was necessary in the past. 

With the full range of buffs given to the MK2, players can experiment more with recoil. This makes way for the Taskforce Barrel which also provides more Fire Interval on the weapon, but also greatly increases damage range. If you can handle more recoil, then this barrel may be the best bet in multiplayer.

Most of the other attachments will focus solely on increasing the control of the rifle and the overall accuracy. The Aim Assist Laser itself gives a 20% decrease to bullet spread which is huge as a single attachment. These attachments aren't found on most assault rifles and it gives players another reason to use the Peacekeeper.

Peacekeeper buffs - COD Mobile Season 3

Peacekeeper MK2 loadout COD Mobile Season 3
The Peacekeeper MK2 can be an awesome weapon with the right lodout in COD Mobile Season 3. (Picture: Papa Joe / Activision)

The buffs given to the MK2 this season aren't as drastic as the ones given to other rifles in the same category.

Regardless, they should increase the overall TTK and effectiveness of the Peacekeeper. The first change was made to First Range on the weapon, but the exact metrics were kept out. 

To back the range up, the MK2 was also given increased multipliers to the chest and upper arm damage with each bullet. The goal is to make the Peacekeeper much more competitive, and this season may be the final push needed. 

That's everything for our top Peacekeeper MK2 loadout for Season 3: Radical Raid. Make sure to check out the rest of our dedicated COD Mobile section for more game guides, updates, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Activision