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COD Mobile Season 1 Heist Battle Pass: Price, release date and rewards

Here's everything you need to know about the COD Mobile Season 1 "Heist" battle pass, including the price, release date and time, characters, rewards and premium bundle content.
COD Mobile Season 1 Heist Battle Pass: Price, release date and rewards

The first season of Call of Duty: Mobile arrives on 13th January 2022 and is feature-rich, boasting various gameplay improvements, weapon balance changes, new maps and game modes, and two new functional weapons, the Kilo 141 and PPSh-41 submachine gun.

Of course, as always, there is also a shiny new battle pass to go along with it. Here's everything we know about the COD Mobile Season 1 2022 battle pass, including its release date, price, rewards and more!

COD Mobile Season 1 2022 battle pass release date and time

The COD Mobile Season 1 "Heist" battle pass is expected to release at midnight GMT on 13th January, marking four weeks since Activision released the Season 11 "Final Snow" battle pass.

Please note that the release date and time might be later than expected, with no official word from Activision at the time of writing.

COD Mobile Heist battle pass price and premium bundle

Similarly to previous COD Mobile battle passes, the latest "Heist" battle pass will comprise a free and premium version, available at the start of the new season.

The price of the battle pass has not been officially announced yet; however, we expect it to be similar to previous seasons.

cod mobile season 1 2022 heist battle pass
COD Mobile Season 1 2022's "Heist" battle pass is arriving with a slew of new features. (Picture: Activision)

Players can expect the COD Mobile Season 1 "Heist" battle pass' base version to cost 220 CP. Then, of course, there's also the battle pass bundle, which should cost 520 CP and will instantly unlock several battle pass tiers.

Players that purchase the battle pass bundle will unlock the following rewards:

  • Calling Card - Love Hurts
  • Parachute - Full Suit
  • Karambit - Bad Hand
  • Avatar - High Stakes
  • Frame - Gilded Riches

Players can also unlock premium rewards by levelling up the battle pass. With that said, let's look at the highlighted features in the COD Mobile Season 1 2022 battle pass below.

Characters, weapon blueprints and more rewards

The new COD Mobile battle pass boasts a decent inventory of rewards, including four new characters, five epic weapon blueprints, one of which is for the brand-new "PPSh-41" functional weapon. 

Epic battle pass characters:

cod mobile season 1 2022 New Epic Character Yuri Bratok
New Epic Character Yuri - Bratok. (Picture: Activision)
  • Yuri - Bratok
  • Makarov - Kingfish
  • Iskra - Whitechapel
  • Ajax - Bouncer

Epic battle pass weapon blueprints:

cod mobile season 1 2022 new functional weapon ppsh-41
COD Mobile Season 1 2022 introduces a new functional weapon, the PPSh-41. (Picture: Activision)
  • PPSH-41 (new weapon) - Pistolet Pro
  • Man-O-War - Sterling Ace
  • Rytec AMR - Master Plan
  • PKM - Gilded Lion
  • Fennec - Zakhaev's Executioner

Other content highlights of the COD Mobile Season 1 "Heist" battle pass include:

  • Epic Charm - Mission Failed
  • Epic Backpack - Big Haul
  • Epic Emote - Priceless Fumble
  • Legendary Calling Card - Treasure Trove
  • Epic Avatar - Bratok
  • Epic Frame - Grand Heist
  • New Scorestreak - Storm Ball

And that's it!


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All featured images courtesy of Activision.