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COD Mobile Season 12 Roadmap: New Class, Knights Divided event, new weapon and more

With the release of the new season for COD Mobile, the developers have shared a Roadmap filled with content for players to look forward to.
COD Mobile Season 12 Roadmap: New Class, Knights Divided event, new weapon and more

COD Mobile Season 12 released on 10th November, and with it, players can now level up their shiny new Battle Pass, jump into new Night Mode maps, explore Hackney Yard and much more. There's even a brand-new weapon, the AGR 556 to try out. However, there's still more for COD Mobile fans to look forward to with the Season 12 Roadmap revealing more content to come. 

COD Mobile Season 12 Roadmap: Upcoming content

In a post on Reddit, Activision has shared what players can look forward to with a COD Mobile Season 12 Roadmap.

With the COD Mobile Season 12 Roadmap reveal, we know there's a new event called Knights Divided coming relatively soon. There's also a new secondary weapon, among other additions.

COD Mobile Season 12 roadmap new perk BR class new content(Picture: Activision)


COD Mobile Season 12 Roadmap:

  • Knights Divided event - Mid November
  • AOTU Night Mode - Late November
  • .50 GS secondary weapon - Late November
  • New BR Class: Refitter - Early December
  • RUS-79U Strafing Run skin - Early December
  • Launcher Plus Perk - Early December

No exact release dates have been provided for most of the upcoming COD Mobile content have been provided via the Roadmap. However, we do know details about some of the upcoming COD Mobile Season 12 content.

New BR Class: Refitter

A new Battle Royale Class for COD Mobile will release with Season 12. It is called Refitter. This new class will allow you to place armour packs which can be picked up by yourself or your teammates.

Each layer of the armour reduces bullet damage. Then, there's also an Engineer repairing skill linked to the class, which slowly repairs your armour and vehicle.

New Perk: Launcher Plus

The Launcher Plus perk will release on 2nd December. This perk allows you to add one additional ammo to launches, and blow opponents up in the process.

COD MObile Season 12 roadmap new BR class weapon knights divided(Picture: Activision)

You will be able to earn this new Launcher Plus perk in COD Mobile Season 12 during the "Rocket Til' You Drop" event. 

.50 GS secondary weapon

The .50GS pistol is, you guessed it, the Desert Eagle. According to leaks, the .50GS pistol can be used with the Akimbo perk so you can dual-wield two of these bad boys.

Attack of the Undead Night Mode

With the theme of "going dark" in COD Mobile Season 12, the Attack of the Undead will feature a Night Mode, making things extra terrifying.

The developers have teased new tactics, challenges and new experiences in this popular game mode.