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COD Mobile Sniper Tier List - Best Sniper Rifles in Season 8

Take out your enemies from afar with our tiered list of all the Sniper Rifles in Call of Duty Mobile Season 8.
COD Mobile Sniper Tier List - Best Sniper Rifles in Season 8

For the sharpshooters heading into COD Mobile Season 8, you may be curious as to what the best Sniper Rifle to take with you into battle is. This can be a tough question to answer, given the wide array of Sniper Rifles available to choose from, and how the meta changes each season, but luckily we have you covered.

Below we have put together a comprehensive tiered list that ranks all the SNiper Rifles available in Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 from best to worst. Helping you make the decision of which ones are best for you and which ones to stay away from this season. 

COD Mobile Sniper Tier List - Best Sniper Rifles in Season 8

Before you jump straight into our tiered list for the Snipers in Season 8. Here's a breakdown of how we rank all our weapons from best to worst

COD Mobile Sniper Tier List Best Sniper Rifles in Season 8 best to worst A to D
We rank our sniper rifles from best to worst in tiered List that ranks the best in S-tier and the worst in D-tier. (Picture: Activision)

S-Tier: These weapons are the cream of the crop. Snipers in this tier are deadly even without any add-ons and perks. But if you choose to add any, it will be a bad day for anyone who gets in your crosshairs. 

A-Tier: Reliable weapons with the power to completely change the dynamics of a conflict. And with attachments, they can stand up to weapons in the S-tier. 

B-tier: With the right attachments, you can still use these weapons effectively in combat even though they aren't as powerful as A-tier rifles. Either way, you can make do with these weapons.

C-Tier: These weapons are better suited to dire situations, but they don't offer much to those looking for exceptional performance. And they won't stand up to par against the rifles in the above tiers.

D-Tier: This is where the cheap weapons are. Avoid these weapons at all costs if you don't want to become irritated and ultimately be killed.  

S-Tier sniper rifles

COD Mobile Sniper Tier List Best Sniper Rifles in Season 8 SVD buffs may challenge Rytec
With the buffs to the SVD in Season 8, it may be able to challenge the Rytec AMR. (Picture: Activision)

This season's only buff for Sniper Rifles is the SVD gaining some substantial increases in damage and stability. Though these are some significant changes, only time will tell if it can shake up the current meta and take a go at the Rytec AMR. 

  • Rytec AMR

  • Outlaw

  • DL Q33

  • SVD

  • Locus

  • Koshka

A-Tier sniper rifles

With no changes for Season 8, the Kilo Bolt-Action remains at the top of the A tier. Though we are interested to see if any future changes to the A-tier in Season 8 could impact its ranking. 

  • Kilo Bolt-Action

  • MK2 Carbine

  • SKS

B-Tier sniper rifles

The B-tier also sees no changes to any of its weapons for Season 8. Though we recommend the M21 EBR as a solid mid-range Rifle that can get the job done with some attachments. 

But as alwasy, you can get a much better performing wepon from the A-tier above, and for roughly the saem cost. 

  • Arctic.50

  • M21 EBR 

C-Tier sniper rifles

These are still considered weapons that the majority of people would not even give a second glance at, even though they are not completely terrible. Despite its abundance of attachments, the XPR-50 cannot compete in any meaningful way.

  • XPR-50

  • SP-R 208

D-Tier sniper rifles

COD Mobile Sniper Tier List Best Sniper Rifles in Season 8 NA-45 still worst sniper rifle
The NA-45 is still the worst Sniper Rifle in Season 8 and should be avoided. (Picture: Activision)

It's unfortunate that, despite the addition of so many new features since Season 7, this rifle hasn't been changed for Season 8 or removed from the game altogether. There are no updates soon, and it has shockingly bad stats and meager perks.

  • NA-45

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.