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COD Mobile SVD sniper - How to unlock, stats and gameplay

Everything you need to know about the SVD sniper in COD Mobile, from how to unlock the brand-new functional weapon, to its base stats and a glimpse at the gameplay featuring this long-range killer.
COD Mobile SVD sniper - How to unlock, stats and gameplay

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10, entitled "Shadows Return", features a shiny new battle pass, a tonne of content from maps to modes, balance changes and much more. For many COD Mobile players, the most important additions each season are the new functional weapons. While the CBR4 SMG will release later in Season 10, the SVD sniper has now been unleashed in COD Mobile.

If you love picking off enemies from range, then unlocking the SVD sniper should be a top priority. In this article, we tell you exactly how to unlock this brand-new sniper, showcase its base stats, and look at the first gameplay footage.

How to unlock SVD sniper in COD Mobile

Thankfully, unlocking the SVD sniper is easy. All you need to do is level up the battle pass to Tier 21. 

COD Mobile SVD sniper how to unlock stats gameplay battle pass season 10
The SVD semi-automatic sniper is COD Mobile's latest functional weapon. (Picture: Activision)

It is important to note this is in the free tiers of the Battle Pass, so you don't have to purchase a Premium Bundle. 

You can also purchase the Premium Battle Pass 12-Tier Bundle, which will set you back 520 CP, putting you only nine (9) levels away from unlocking the SVD sniper in COD Mobile Season 10.

SVD sniper stats and gameplay

The SVD is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that can two-shot most opponents. It boasts high damage, accuracy and range while sacrificing mobility.

It might be a bit difficult to control without any attachments but can fire a couple of bullets in quick succession.

COD Mobile SVD sniper how to unlock stats gameplay battle pass season 10
The baseline stats for the SVD sniper. (Picture: Activision)

The stats for the SVD sniper at the start of COD Mobile Season 10, without any attachments:

  • Damage - 80
  • Accuracy - 62
  • Range - 90
  • Fire Rate - 31
  • Mobility - 24
  • Control - 32

Check out the first gameplay of the SVD sniper in COD Mobile Season 10 below, showcasing how deadly this new semi-automatic rifle can be.

It will be interesting to see how the SVD sniper is received in COD Mobile Season 10, and how it could shake up the meta with the perfect loadout.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.