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COD Mobile Season 10 patch notes - New maps, modes, weapons, guest account update and more

Here is the complete Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 patch notes listing all the new maps, modes and more coming to the game, along with the optimisations made to it.
COD Mobile Season 10 patch notes - New maps, modes, weapons, guest account update and more

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 is scheduled to release next week and will add a ton of brand new content to the game, including a new map, Vacant, a brand-new Battle Pass, Ranked Series 5 and much more. The patch will be available to download next week from Google Play Store and Apple App Store; however, the content will be released a couple of days later. 

In addition to this, a tonne of weapon balance changes will also be made, and all the guest accounts will be deleted. 

COD Mobile Season 10 patch notes

COD Mobile Season 10 patch notes
The exact release date of COD Mobile Season 10 has not been announced officially yet. (Picture: Activision)

Here are the complete patch notes for COD Mobile Season 10, listing all the details about the upcoming content.

Guest accounts and battle pass

  • It is highly recommended that soldiers as soon as possible to bind the account if they use guest accounts for version updates; there will be a high chance of losing the account!
  • The new Battle Pass is coming soon!

Multiplayer mode new content

Multiplayer map

  • Vacant - The classic series of maps "abandoned offices" is officially added, and soldiers will face very different rhythms of engagement, indoor-intensive close-range combat and more deadly long-range combat outdoors. depending on your style of warfare, you can choose the right course of action and battle route, which will be the focus of this map.

Multiplayer mode

  • Control mode - Combined with classic blasting and positional competition mode play, multi-turn mode, players take turns as the defensive side of the point-to-point attack and defence, the team shares the number of survival, the first to reach the number of winning rounds of the team to win.
    • Each game points the offensive side and the defensive side, for A, B two points for attack and defence.
    • Point occupation is divided into three stages, each segment will not be returned after the completion of the three phases will occupy this point.
    • The attacking side completely occupies A and B two points and wins the round, while the defender blocks the A and B points complete occupation before the end of the round wins the round.
    • All players in the team share 20 resurrections, and annihilate up to 20 enemies to win this round.
    • The match is a multi-turn system, with each round of attack and defence interchange, first reaching the specified number of winning rounds of the party to win.


  • MVP Highlights Replays - New Features MVP Great Replays, which will replace the original last-strike feature, MVP Great Replays will show two wonderful kill shots by players who won the MVP game in this council.

Map Optimization

  • Hackney Warehouse: Hackney Warehouse's lighting is optimized as a whole, improving overall visibility, optimizing the collision of railings outside Point A, and solving the problem of over-the-top anomalies.
  • Nuclear bomb town: Some of the wood-panel material blocking the bullet does not match the actual size, resulting in low damage from the bullet through, this issue has been fixed.
  • Sawmill: Halloween is over! Sawmill back to daylight, and increase the animation effect of the stream side water truck, optimize sawmill meat shop on the second floor is more difficult to climb up the problem.

Other Optimizations

  • Economic Blast: Optimising the Bureau's Money System, which can now spend money on custom backpack weapons in the Bureau, has also modified the winning target to six innings.
  • Together chip: Fixing the device with a concerted chip, using a burst gun to fire from the waist will be a problem for Caton.
  • Ultimate Skills Storms: Modify the way storms hit, and now hitting the ground or walls can also spread lightning to the nearest enemy in a small area.
  • Kill Reward UAV: Optimize the timing of the UAV's red dot display, which now appears in sync with the scan effects.
  • UI adjustment: Backpack equipped with the ultimate skill interface optimized, new styling features, can replace the look of the ultimate skill here. Fixed the problem that after adjusting the scale of the small map, some of the kill rewards, such as cluster bombs, do not match the actual range on the small map.
  • Message Push: Fixes an issue where some players can't turn on message push in the iOS operating system.

Survival mode

  • Bounty box quality special effects: After the player is eliminated, the booty box increases the corresponding colour effects of the highest quality props in the box, allowing the player to position the highest quality booty box more quickly in the fierce battle, improve the search and scraping efficiency.
  • New play: black war domain adds hair-on-the-go mode.
COD Mobile Season 10 patch notes
The battle pass content will be available a couple of days later than the patch. (Picture: Activision)

Mode adjustment

  • Alcatraz mechanism adjustment

    • Cancels the drop of ordinary, sophisticated accessories.

    • The organic rate in the material box appears skill chips, legendary accessories.

    • Increase the number of skill chips in airdrops and upgrade chips.
  • Skill chip rotation
    • Skills chips that can be picked up
      on Alcatraz have been updated
    • The latest rotation list is: electro-tripping chips, hacker chips, stealth chips, modified chips, turret chips, nitrogen chips (the above adjustments are expected to take effect in late November)

Other Optimizations

  • UI Adjustments
    • Repair deck guard and tactical prop roulette functions that may trigger problems with the virtual rocker when used.
    • Solve the problem that the mirror cannot be used when the backpack is full, triggering the replacement function.
  • Pick /Backpack Management
    • Logic Optimization - Priority does not put replacement advanced accessories into the backpack.
    • Added HUD animation when the guard deck is complete.

Battle-related adjustments

  • Fixes an issue where you can't fire while automatically picking.

Map adjustment

  • Optimizes the collision of vegetation in black war zones, reduces the number of vehicles getting stuck in branches while driving, and airdrops getting stuck in trees.

Sound adjustment

  • Optimize sound performance when using kinetic energy decks.

Action optimization

  • Optimizes the action performance of the moth set as it retraces on landing.

New weapons

  • Double stick - A new melee weapon double stick to show off your kung fu on the battlefield.

Team battlefield system optimization

  • Since the team went live, some fighters have not been able to get enough tokens in exchange for their due season rewards, and in order to optimize the experience, they will adjust the award delivery - The number of token awards received per week will be significantly increased. (the number of tokens
  • For weekly rewards has been increased since version 12.0) - tokens will be reset when the season is updated, while stores will only be on the shelves for this season's limited items, and previous season rewards will be taken off the shelves, so there is no need to ensure that your tokens are spent before the end of the season!
  • Fighters who have not yet been rewarded do not have to worry, and previous season's rewards will return in other forms in the team's field from the next version.
  • Team border adjustment: The final segment of the team will now be issued and continued for a full season according to last season's team season, and the border will no longer change according to the weekly settlement segment.

Balance adjustment

COD Mobile Season 10 patch notes
Several balance changes have been implemented to make the gameplay fairer. (Picture: Activision)

"Survival mode weapon adjustment" (if the weapon is mainly multi-person mode adjustment, will be specially marked in the content, its unlabeled weapons are mainly survival mode.)

Shorty weakened

  • Single damage adjusted from 28-20-17-15 to 28-14-13-12
  • Slight increase in rear seat strength: (Base) 3.57 to 6, (Max) 6 to 12

The MW11 enhances

  • Range adjustment: 20-25-30 Up to 9-20-25-30
  • Damage Boost: 26-20-17-16 Up to 35-35-30 26-20-17-16
  • Hit head multiplier increase: 1.4 to 1.75
  • Hit chest and abdomen multiple increase: 1 to 1.15
  • Time to Kill: The shortest time it takes to kill an enemy with a gun.

Swordfish enhances

  • Prototype gun: The interval between firing groups is reduced from 0.2 to 0.16
  • Magazine capacity increase: Default magazine 36 to 40, expanded magazine 44 to 52
  • Bounce capacity increase: 40 to 50
  • Damage boost: Chest/hand 24 to 26, Chest/hand 21 to 23

Type25 Enhancement

  • Speed boost: RPM 790 up to
  • Damage boost
    • Abdominal - 24 up to 26
    • Vertical rear seat force boost: 8% up to 20%
    • Horizontal rear seat force up: 0% up to 15%
    • Damage boost: 25-23-20-19-16 up to 28-24-21-19-16
    • Remove the change time reduction

Man-O-War Enhanced

  • Downward firearms distribution: About 5%

The MX9 Weakens

  • Prototype gun damage: 30-24-16-15 up to 25-21-18-16
  • level rear seat force boost

R9-0 enhances

  • Run-off delay down: 0.25 to 0.2
  • Pull-up time down: 0.5 to 0.4

DL Q33 Enhanced

  • Damage to the abdomen, chest, and hands: 135 up to 150

Guerrilla Expertise weakened

  • Run speed bonus 10% adjusted to
  • Mobile speed increase unchanged, still 10%
  • Semi-automatic weapon back seat response mechanism adjustment

Balance adjustment

  • Fix the problem of a slight delay in the effectiveness of explosive damage from launcher-type weapons.
  • Weapons affected by this issue: war machines, composite bows, FHJ-18, SMRS, Thumper, Rytec AMR explosive bullets

The FHJ-18 Enhanced

  • Initial speed of multiplayer ballistic: 30m/s is raised to 60m/s, with the maximum speed unchanged

SMRS adjustment

  • Multiplayer Direct Damage: 160 up to 300
  • Multiplayer Mode Explosion
    Range: 3.5m Adjusted to 2.1m
  • The lethal range of the explosion damage is basically the same
  • Survival mode direct hit damage: 300 Adjusted to 290
  • Survival mode ballistic initial speed: 120m/s Adjusted to 80m/s, maximum speed unchanged

Thumper's increased

  • Multiplayer Mode Direct Impact Damage: 130 Up to 180
  • Minimum Damage in Multiplayer Mode: 10 Up to 40 - Multiplayer Mode Explosion Radius: 4m Adjusted to 2m, increased lethal radius by approximately 14%

Multiplayer mode adjustment

Map - Bath Blood

  • The sofas and seats in the airport restaurant are bunkers that the defence relies on, the offensive side lacks the means to counter them, and we adjust the models and collisions of these bunkers in the hope of optimizing the confrontation experience here.

Map - Nuclear Ruins - Modern

  • Repair nuclear ruins - modern midfield, where wing debris actually collides larger than the model, causing problems blocking bullets.

Map - Crossing the line of fire

  • Fixes problems with the 2nd floor of the laundry across the line of fire, where you can't see some of the player's locations with perspective buses.

Passive Skills - Glorious Grenades

  • Slightly shorten the explosion time.

Chip adjustment - quick recovery

  • Fixes the problem that triggers a rapid recovery effect after the injury continues to return blood, quickly resumes the function of blood return immediately after a kill is triggered every 2 seconds.

Tactical props - tear gas

  • Reduce the deceleration range and slightly lower the range of action.

Kill skills - attacking drones

  • Slightly reduces fire emissions.

Ultimate skill - military dog

  • Increases the speed at which military dog moves.

Survival mode adjustment

Gas bombs

  • Gas bombs are changed to only withhold blood and not armour, and the damage is adjusted.

Safety zone retract adjustment

  • The shrinkage time of the first lap of the black war zone is appropriately extended to slow down the early rhythm.
  • Reduces out-of-sync rate damage in black war zones and outside the security zone three laps before the border.

Character movement force adjustment

  • Lowers the person's swimming speed, and raises the person's mirror movement speed in the water.

Multiplayer battle

  • Add more pre-qualifying 5,000 special honours to the show scene.
  • Optimize the qualifying rules for multiplayer qualifying, and a severe defeat will now result in fewer qualifying points.
  • Optimize the waiting time for night matches so that the game can start faster.
  • Optimize the display of qualifying time, which can now be seen at the start and end of the season at any time in the qualifying hall.
  • Fixes an issue where some anomalies in multiplayer qualifying can be waiting too long for an opening.
  • Multiplayer mode (matching plus qualifying) joining midway through, if it fails, will not affect the winning streak and maintain the winning streak.

Survival battle

  • Optimizes the matching pool allocation capabilities of battlefield patterns and the difficulty of each matching pool.
  • Optimize the display of qualifying time, which can now be seen at the start and end of the season at any time in the qualifying hall.

Other system adjustments

New weapons view

  • New weapons view feature that players can use by viewing the keys in the centre of the emoticon roulette wheel, or by turning on the independent viewing button in settings.

New appointment team feature

  • Team up with friends for 5 games to unlock, and when the friend is in the game, you can invite friends to team up after the end of the match.

Added likes

  • Give your friends or opponents a compliment after the game, encourage good teammates, or praise your opponent.

New gun perspective settings

  • New gun perspective settings allows players to adjust the perspective of their first-person weapons.

Added realistic mirror effect

  • Adds a more realistic transition effect to the mirror, providing a better view during the opening.
  • After the update, players can experience this feature by selecting the "realistic mirror effects" switch to turn on within the settings-sound and picture quality settings interface.
  • Some firearms and quasi-mirrors do not support this effect at this time and will be continuously updated in subsequent releases.

New shader warm-up 

  • Add shader warm-up to load shaders in advance in audio and picture settings for a smoother in-office experience.

New MEMC (Motion Compensation) Settings

  • New MEMC (Motion Compensation) option, which can be turned on in the settings, allows players who want to experience high frame rates, but whose device is prone to heating up frames, can try to turn it on.
  • Currently MEMC only supports frame rate, Survival mode is set to turn on at Maximum, only some Android phones are temporarily supported, and subsequent versions will become more popular.

The size of the patch might be around 1.5 GB and will require about 2 GB of free space on your device.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.

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