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COD Mobile Undead Siege: Zombies are back, but players are not happy

Zombies will be back on demand in COD Mobile Season 6 via Undead Siege mode; however, players are not happy, and here's why.
COD Mobile Undead Siege: Zombies are back, but players are not happy

COD Mobile Season 6 update is a week away and will be adding brand new maps, modes, events, weapons, and more. Among all these, Undead Siege, the upcoming zombie mode, is what players are the most excited about since they have been asking for this for a long time now. 

While players are extremely excited about zombies making a return in COD Mobile Season 6 after a long time, they are disappointed too, and if you are wondering why here's the reason.

COD Mobile Season 6 Undead Siege Release Date Gameplay Limited Time
Undead Siege Mode (Picture: Activision)

Earlier, when the zombies were introduced in the game for the first time in 2019 via Raid mode, it was loved by Call of Duty: Mobile players. However, it was not a permanent mode and thus was taken down after its duration was over. 

Players were unhappy about it and asked the developers to bring it back, which is happening after almost two years. However, the sad part is that the Undead Siege mode that will bring zombies in COD: Mobile will again be time-limited, as confirmed by Activision in the announcement post.

This made COD Mobile fans sad as they have been waiting for too long now, and in response, Activision has said that they treat each new mode as "time-limited". If players enjoy the Undead Siege mode and they receive a positive response, then "it doesn't have to be limited." 

In Undead Siege, players will have to fight the zombies using various loadouts and supplies like turrets, defence towers, etc., and the goal is to survive five nights. The mode will be available to play on Isolated battle royale map, unlike the previous zombie modes that were multiplayer in nature.

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