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COD Mobile
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COD: Mobile World Championship 2020 cancelled due to COVID-19, prize money re-distributed to regions

The $750,000 will be divided evenly amongst the regional champions.

The developers behind the COD: Mobile have cancelled their 2020 World Championship Finals due to the ongoing pandemic.

The prize pool of $750,000 will now be divided evenly amongst the competitors of the world championship, leaving around $93,000 to each regional champion.

Regional champions from Asia, Europe and North America were all set when the decision was made, but with the year coming to a close and rise cases around the globe, it just wasn’t worth the risk.

The decision to cancel means that these regional champions will receive additional prize money:

  • North America Champions - Tribe Gaming
  • Western Europe Champions - Kings Clan
  • Japan Champions - Reject
  • Garena Champions - NRX Jeremiah 29:11
  • South Korea Champions - T1
  • Rest of World (Other) Champions - Team Mayhem

Of course, this tournament isn’t the first, or last, event to be affected by the global pandemic, with Epic Games announcing days prior that Fortnite has no plans to hold LANs in 2021.

Many tournaments have moved online, to varying degrees of success but LANs are still not feasible, especially when it involves international travel. Even when it doesn't like Brazil's Valorant First Strike Regional Finals, problems can arise.