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How to unlock Poltergeist Class in COD Mobile

Poltergeist Class in COD Mobile grants invisibility during which movement speed is increased, allowing players to reposition and escape from unwanted fights. Here’s how you can get it.
How to unlock Poltergeist Class in COD Mobile

Every week, Activision continues to build up new content in Call of Duty: Mobile with community updates, adding various events, challenges, map playlists, and more. The game recently received a new featured event called Temporal Anomaly, which allows the COD Mobile players to unlock the whole new Rewind BR class.

However, at some point, the event will task you to use the Poltergeist Class 5 times in BR matches which some players have found to be particularly tricky to accomplish. Since the Poltergeist class isn’t readily available in Call of Duty: Mobile, players must unlock it first in order to use it in the game. 

Unlocking Poltergeist Class in Call of Duty: Mobile

How to unlock Poltergeist Class in COD Mobile
Poltergeist is up for sale in the COD Mobile Credit Store (Picture: Activision)

As mentioned in the event section, players can get the Poltergeist class by spending 2000 Credit Points in the credit store. However, there’s no need to worry as one can easily earn Credit Points (CP) in COD Mobile for free. 

Simply head over to the events section and complete the daily and weekly missions to increase your Credit Points balance. On top of this, Battle Pass is a great way to source free CP in order to acquire items from the credit store. We suggest our readers stick with these two methods as it grants a hefty amount of CP in a short space of time.

COD Mobile - Poltergeist Class Abilities

How to unlock Poltergeist Class in COD Mobile
Poltergeist active and passive ability (Picture: Activision)

Each Battle Royale class boasts a unique active and passive ability, and the Poltergeist class is no exception. Here’s an overview of the same:

  • Active Camo: Become near-invisible for a short duration.

  • Voidwalker: Increases running and walking speed in a stealth state.

The Poltergeist class uses its primary stealthiness skill to ambush the opponents with a surprise. Whether you need to reposition yourself after a battle or escape from any unwanted combat, its Active Camo ability is an excellent choice to conquer such situations. On the other hand, its passive ability, Voidwalker ability, increases running and walking speed when Active Camo is activated, allowing you to reach your destination faster than usual.

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