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How to unlock Rewind BR class in CoD Mobile

Activision has finally introduced an event in Call of Duty: Mobile that allows players to unlock the new Rewind Battle Royale class.
How to unlock Rewind BR class in CoD Mobile

Announced initially during COD Mobile’s Season 5 launch, the most awaited Rewind BR class has finally been made available to the game. The newest Rewind class is unlockable via the latest featured event called Temporal Anomaly, in which players have to complete a set of missions to earn event points. 

They can further use those points to get their hands on the Rewind class along with several other Call of Duty: Mobile rewards. Since it’s a BR exclusive event, the Temporal Anomaly only features the missions around the Battle Royale mode. If you’re also eager to try out the new COD Mobile’s Rewind class, then we’ve got you covered. Here’s a comprehensive guide to get it.

How to unlock Rewind BR class in Call of Duty: Mobile

How to get Rewind BR class in CoD Mobile
COD Mobile Temporal Anomaly event to unlock Rewind class (Picture: Activision)

Before moving forward, it’s worth noting that the featured event will run till the end of COD: Mobile Season 5, so make sure to complete the event before the season ends. Moreover, unlocking the Rewind class will require you to accumulate 120 event points. Here’s the list of missions that needs to be accomplished:

  • Play 3 BR matches - 10 points

  • Play 5 BR matches - 20 points

  • Earn the Floater medal once in a BR match - 10 points

  • Use Class Chips 8 times in BR matches - 20 points

  • Use the Poltergeist Class 5 times in BR matches - 10 points

  • Travel 1000 meters by Boat in BR matches - 20 points

  • Obtain 3 airdrops in BR matches - 20 points

  • Kill 7 enemies in BR matches - 10 points

  • Kill 3 enemies with headshots in BR matches - 10 points

  • Assist teammates 5 times in BR matches - 10 points

As one might notice, all of the objectives together are offering 140 points in total. Therefore, players can skip certain missions and still manage to unlock the Rewind class.

Here’s what Rewind Battle Royale class can offer through its abilities:

  • Glitch: Allows players to teleport to a location from five seconds prior. HP and movement speed will be reset.

  • Tactical Mask: Reduces the impact duration of Flashbankg grenade and concussion grenade by 40%.

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