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COD Mobile
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New COD: Mobile map and gun officially teased for Season 3

With COD: Mobile Season 3 kicking off in mid-April, Activision has started teasing the upcoming content, including a new gun and a new map called Coastal.
It's not all too long before the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 release date, which is either 16th or 17th April 2021, depending on which region you live in. With the next season's release date creeping ever closer, Activision has started officially teasing the new content you can expect. This includes an exclusive map called "Coastal" as well as a new SMG weapon, which is almost certainly the PP19 Bizon.

COD: Mobile Season 3 new gun

On Twitter, the official COD: Mobile Twitter account for the global version has teased a new SMG, and we can't help but wonder where the new gun will land on our COD: Mobile SMG tier list.

new cod mobile gun weapon smg pp19 bizon new map coastal season 3(Picture: Activision)

The developers ask which weapon fans think this is, and it is really as clear as day. This is the PP19 Bizon from Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Take a look at the Modern Warfare image of the PP19 Bizon below and see if you can spot a difference.

new cod mobile gun weapon smg pp19 bizon new map coastal season 3(Picture: Activision)

The PP19 Bizon in Warzone and Modern Warfare is a powerful SMG, with low recoil, high rate of fire as well as high damage output. 

COD: Mobile players can expect this new gun to drop with the start of Season 3, or it could be an unlock via the next Battle Pass, depending on what the developers decide to do. 


New COD: Mobile map - Coastal

Earlier leaks have already hinted at two new maps coming to COD: Mobile in Season 3, Oasis and Coastal. The latter has now officially been teased.

In the Chinese version of the game, the map teased by Activision is called Coastal. This is an exclusive COD: Mobile map set to release in Season 3.

Coastal is a large map, perfect for 5v5 game modes. It is unclear if this new, exclusive COD: Mobile map (which means it hasn't appeared in other COD titles) will release at the start of Season 3, or a bit later.

With an exclusive map and a new gun (probably the PP19 Bizon), COD: Mobile Season 3 is already shaping up to be an exciting prospect.