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Undead Siege zombie mode extended to COD Mobile Season 7

Activision has extended the time period of Undead Siege mode in Call of Duty: Mobile to Season 7 for players to enjoy fighting against Zombies.
Undead Siege zombie mode extended to COD Mobile Season 7

The most awaited zombies mode, Undead Siege, was introduced in COD Mobile Season 6, in which players have to survive five nights by fighting zombies. While players were quite happy with the return of zombies, the unfortunate thing was that it was available for a limited time period only.

However, Activision has recently announced in the community update that the Undead Siege mode has been extended to COD Mobile Season 7, which means that players will be able to play it in the next season too.

Undead Siege Mode extended to Season 7
Undead Siege mode will be available in COD Mobile Season 7. (Picture: Activision)

In addition to this, they are collecting feedback and continuously monitoring players' interest in the mode to decide whether to make it permanent or not. As of now, the Undead Siege mode has received positive feedback from players, so there are chances that Activision might make it permanent.

COD Mobile Season 7 is expected to release on 27th August at 12 am (UTC) and will be available to download from Google Play Store and App Store. The update will add brand new Monastery, Scrapyard maps along with Hades and Crossbow weapons. In addition to this, a bunch of events, operators, modes, etc., will also become available in the game.

COD Mobile Season 7 Undead Siege mode extended
COD Mobile Season 7 Monastery map teaser. (Picture: Activision)

A brand new Battle Pass will also be added in which players can level up using Battle Pass XP to earn a ton of free and premium rewards like camos, perks, weapons, and more.

Activision will be releasing more teasers of upcoming content in COD Mobile Season 7 via their social media handles each day till the patch is released.

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