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Conan Exiles Aardwolf Cub Locations & How To Get

The Aardwolf Cub and Scavenger are one of many Feral Dog breeds seen roaming the Isle of Siptah. Here's where to find them in Conan Exiles.
Conan Exiles Aardwolf Cub Locations & How To Get

Plenty of animals and creatures for players to tame into pets in The Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah; however, many have turned to dogs as their preferred choice. A trusted and loyal companion, there are plenty of dog breeds to find, including hyenas, wolves, and the Aardwolf Cub and Scavengers.

Like the Feral Dogs, if you’re looking to learn how to get an Aardwolf Cub will need to travel to the Isle of Siptah before bringing one home to raise. We have provided everything you need to know on how to find Aardwolf Cub in Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery.

How To Find Aardwolf Cub In Conan Exiles?

This adorable pup may resemble a hyena, but the Aardwolf Cub could be a variant of the hyena. What makes the Aardwolf Cub and the hyena different is that the Aardwolf Cub is exclusive to one specific region, which makes looking for this animal less tedious.

conan exiles pet companions guide aardwolf cub how to get how to find isle of siptah map lcoations
Aardwolf Cubs and Scavengers are native to the Isle of Siptah and can be found in multiple areas. (Picture: YouTube / Lucky Shot)

So, where to find the Aardwolf Cub is located on the Isle of Siptah, as they can be found in multiple locations across the island. As these cubs are often run with Aardwolf Scavenger packs, you’ll have to wait for them to start roaming alone or lure these pups using raw meat before adding them to your Inventory.

That being said, the Aardwolf Cubs can be spotted with the Aardwolf Scavenger packs in the following locations on the Isle of Siptah:

  • Grave of the Leviathan (D8)
  • Sweetwater Falls (F12)
  • Cairn of the First Men ruins (G/H8)
  • Asylum of the Outsiders vault (I12)
  • Watchtower ruins (J7)
  • Scryer’s Heights (M9)
  • Den of the Wolfman vault (M12)
  • Strandwatch Keep ruins (N10)
  • Causeway of the Apostate (N11)
  • Bahk-hotep’s Refuge ruins (O11)

There is no limit to how many Aardwolf Cubs you can add to your Inventory, but there can be placed within any Animal Pen of your choosing, as long as there’s enough space. The pen can be crafted at the Construction Hammer after gaining the blueprint when learning the Apprentice Tamer Knowledge.

Once crafted, it can be placed in a designated area of your choosing; before placing the cubs inside, don’t forget to prepare the Feed Box, which lets you put food to feed them. Any food can be given to the Aardwolf Cub or any animal you want to tame, but the Shadespiced food group is perhaps the optimal choice to offer.

conan exiles pet companions guide aardwolf cub how to get wolf pack
Aardwolf Cubs are often seen with their packs, making getting a cub quite tricky. (Picture: YouTube / Lucky Shot)

These recipes, too, can be unlocked with the Animal Pen and Food Box, as you can gain experience once these cubs become wolves. Additionally, the taming time will be significantly decreased by offering them any Shadespiced food; the Shadespiced Raw Tough Meat grants you the most experience, in which you’ll need 25 Exotic Meat and a Shadebloom Flower.

From there, you’ll have an Aardwolf Scavenger, which can accompany you on your adventures on the Isle of Siptah. They can also receive commands to attack enemies when exploring or guard your home base against intruders and raiders.

And that completes this guide on how to find the Aardwolf Cub in Conan Exiles. We want to thank the YouTube channel Lucky Shot for the complete walkthrough on achieving this in-game. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.