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All Corrupted Attributes In Conan Exiles

Acquire dark powers by corrupting your Attributes and unlocking their perks. Here's the full list of all corrupted Attribute perks in Conan Exiles.
All Corrupted Attributes In Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles’ Age of Sorcery update emphasizes the arrival of sorcery along with plenty of new lore, story content, and cosmetics tied with the new chapter. This also saw developer Funcom adding new features and mechanics, reintroducing a refreshed Attribute system.

Finessing the Attribute system saw the inclusion of Corruption that allows players to mutate various Attribute skills to acquire new perks or buffs on multiple mechanics. If you’re wondering which Attributes have corrupted perks available to unlock, we’ve listed all of them as of writing for Conan Exiles.

Conan Exiles Corrupted Attributes Perks Explained

Attributes are an integral part of your game progression as it allows you to customize your character and, in doing so, build an even more powerful Exile. With the Age of Sorcery launch, the Attributes system had a massive overhaul by eliminating an Attribute group and decreasing the number of Attributes earned to 60.

conan exiles mechanics guide attributes system corruption corrupted attributes user interface ui
With the Age of Sorcery launch, the game's Attribute system received a massive overhaul, including the ability to corrupt your Attributes. (Picture: Funcom)

This also allows you to corrupt your Attributes to gain new perks that can aid you when casting sorceries. Some sorceries require you to have some corruption before casting them; every time you cast them, you gain more corruption.

However, gaining corruption does sacrifice your health stamina at the cost of more power; however, you’ll also need human sacrifices to acquire Soul Essence. In turn, one Soul Essence will let you corrupt one Attribute point, for which you can corrupt a maximum of 20 Attribute points, needing 20 Soul Essences to gain the corrupted perks.

These corrupted perks, like the standard perks, will become unlocked at the same intervals of five points; however, it replaces the aforementioned standard perks. As you continue to corrupt your Attributes, it has the chance to increase the strength of that perk.

Let’s look at all corrupted Attributes and their perks available in Conan Exiles:

All Conan Exiles Strength Corrupted Perks:
  • Scourge: Inflict additional damage, which scales along with your corrupted Strength further invested in this skill.
  • Mule Kick: All Kick attacks knock back enemies further and bring them to the ground.
  • Wrack: All blows dealt from your striking attacks will subdue enemies, increasing their damage taken.
  • Desecrate: Allows you to launch a blast of corruption that ruptures the ground when dealing damage which knocks back and inflicts additional damage to enemies.
All Conan Exiles Vitality Corrupted Perks:
  • Grotesque Excrescence: Allows you to gain an active health regeneration buff which scales every time you’ve invested in corrupting the Vitality Attribute.
  • Twisted Flesh: Grants you the chance to deflect all damage that scales with the corrupted Vitality skill you’ve invested in.
  • Petrified: Become immune to all Blood, Disease, Poison, and Sunder status effects.
  • Tainted Vessel: Every time you’ve taken damage, you’ll unleash corruption which deals damage or corrupted enemies (should they be allowed to be corrupted) within its AoE
All Conan Exiles Authority Corrupted Perks:
  • Frenzy: When in combat, any damage dealt will see your followers enter a Frenzied state which they deal 3% more damage for every corrupted Charisma Attribute.
  • Flesh Bond: Any damage you’ve taken will be split between yourself and your followers by at least 50%, giving you a massive advantage in durability.
  • Devour: All damage your followers deal will grant you a healing buff.
  • Demon Lord: A demonic entity could be summoned when dealing damage that attacks enemies for a limited time.

Nevertheless, not all corrupted Attribute perks are needed for sorceries, as it depends on which Attribute you’re corrupting. For example, corrupting the Strength Attribute will significantly increase your character’s strength; it can be removed in a few ways, like having Dancer or Entertainer Thralls nearby, which cleanses or purifies your corruption.

And that completes this guide on corrupted Attributes and their perks in Conan Exiles. We want to thank the YouTube channel Eradicati0n for the complete breakdown, and please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.