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How To Make Gruel In Conan Exiles

Keep your stomach satisfied and your hunger pains at bay by learning how to make Gruel and its different variants in Conan Exiles.
How To Make Gruel In Conan Exiles

Surviving in The Exiled Lands and The Isle of Siptah will require taking plenty of breaks to recover HP and Stamina lost during your adventures. While Potions and Elixirs would help in this regard, learning how to make food can be more potent for the adventurers at heart.

So, if you’re busy with the Thrall Taker Journey, you will need to know how to make Gruel to satisfy your hunger pains. Completing this will award you the Purple Lotus Orb, so we’ve explained how to make Gruel in Conan Exiles.

How To Make The Gruel Soup In Conan Exiles?

Gruel is a consumable item you can make which can provide enough nourishment for the average traveler. Eating this plant-based porridge can recover nine points of Hunger and four points of Thirst with a Health regeneration of 1HP every three seconds.

conan exiles cooking guide gruel how to make large campfire
You can cook the Planter Fiber and Seeds in a bowl at a bonfire or campfire to make Gruel. (Picture: YouTube / SirNnja)

While it doesn’t weigh much in your inventory, it can expire if you keep it too long, so it's advisable to consume it immediately. Gruel will take around 80 minutes to expire, becoming Spoiled Gruel in your inventory.

However, you can get better versions of Gruel, namely Enhanced and Flavored Gruel, which need additional ingredients. This item is one of the steps required for the Thrall Taker Journey, which you need to either buy or make Gruel before placing it on the Wheel of Pain, which powers it when creating Thralls.

To make Gruel, you need to find or build a bonfire, campfire, or a large campfire from which you can make Gruel and its many variants. You’ll need five Plant Fibers and a pack of seeds to make standard Gruel, and you can enjoy a warm bowl of porridge.

conan exiles cooking guide gruel how to make ingredients plant fiber seeds
Access the campfire UI and place the ingredients before making the Gruel. (Picture: YouTube / SirNnja)

Enhanced and Flavored Gruel requires a stove or Improved Stove from which you need a bowl of Gruel plus the following ingredients:

  • Enhanced Gruel:
    • Gruel x1
    • Egg x1
    • Spice x1
  • Flavored Gruel:
    • Gruel x1
    • Dried Berries x1
    • Spice x2

Gruel can also be used in other food items in combination with other ingredients using various benches to make. After placing the Gruel on the Wheel of Pain, complete the remaining steps to complete the Journey and acquire the Purple Lotus Orb blueprint.

And that completes this guide on how to make Gruel in Conan Exiles, and we want to thank the YouTube channel SirNnja for their complete walkthrough. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.