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What Is The Tavern System In Conan Exiles Age Of War

Drink up and celebrate as Conan Exiles is adding the Tavern System in the Age of War Chapter 3 update, which we've explained how it works.
What Is The Tavern System In Conan Exiles Age Of War
(Picture: Funcom)

Unsheathe the swords and drink up to celebrate yet another successful Purge as the Tavern System is coming to Conan Exiles. The new gameplay mechanic was revealed in the recent Developer Livestream, in which Funcom explained how Taverns will function in-game.

As it's connected to the Purge system, players can free Tavern Keepers before building and running a bar, attracting visitors that may be worth recruiting. In this guide, we've explained everything players need to know about the Tavern System, including its functionality and unique features for Conan Exiles Age of War Chapter 3.

The Tavern System Explained For Conan Exiles Age Of War

Chapter 3 of Conan Exiles' Age of War will feature some notable and highly requested features that players can begin exploring as the update is available on its Public Beta testing. The Tavern System was revealed during the recent Developer Livestream, in which the team explained what this system is and how it functions in-game.

The Tavern System has some connections with the revamped Purges system, in which once players have completed a Purge, they'll free NPCs and various structures from the enemy camp. This includes a Tavern Keeper who can be released from cages found following the Purge and thus begin many players' journey toward successfully building and operating a tavern.

Players will have to construct a Tavern or barkeep for the Tavern Keeper to eventually start operating and, once completed, will have immediate access to unique features. Additionally, to help players begin, a Standard Tavern Counter will be included for free with the Chapter 3 update, with several variations and unique Furniture items to be unlocked through the Battle Pass and purchased from the Bazaar.

Likewise, players can place a Bear Cub within the tavern as it will have an adorable hideout section within the bar counter. Some of the unique features the developer outlined during the livestream that players can take advantage of once the tavern is up and running will be available when speaking with the Tavern Keeper.

conan exiles features guide tavern system explained bar counter vanir tavern barkeep
Players can acquire different Tavern bar counters from the Battle Pass and Bazaar, like the Vanir Tavern counter. (Picture: Funcom)

These include various drink and food consumables like Ale, Bread, Hearty Feast, Mead, and Wine, but the tavern will begin attracting NPCs like workers and guards that players can now recruit. These will be accessed within the Barkeeper's Contracts tab, highlighting NPCs that players are freed from from the Purges.

Not only can they recruit NPCs from contracts given to them by the Tavern Keeper, but also those that can be seen in the sitting area of the tavern. However, these are worker and Fighter NPCs, which may come in handy for the next Purge they may embark on and set up another tavern in the following location.

Players are encouraged to spend some time at the tavern as there may be a chance for Thralls to be found, and they can also be recruited. This will also serve as another way to gain Followers other than placing NPCs on the Wheel of Pain, but it's a less aggressive option.

The Age of War Chapter 3 update is available in Public Beta which will be launching on 14th December 2023. Conan Exiles is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Epic Games Store and Steam.