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Conan Exiles Treasures Guide: All Isle Of Siptah Treasure Locations

The Isle of Siptah has Heroic Treasures to be discovered and carried back to base to be displayed within the Treasure Room for Conan Exiles.
Conan Exiles Treasures Guide: All Isle Of Siptah Treasure Locations

Clan Hoards is making treasure-hunting fun as you explore the worlds of The Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah, seeking out these priceless items. Whether teleporting back to the map room or carrying them to base, these treasures can be stored away within the Treasure Room using a Treasure Coffer, and you can view your current values by checking in with the Treasurer NPC.

If you’re learning how to find small and Heroic Treasures in the Isle of Siptah, this guide has you covered. A notable YouTuber has provided the relevant details as we investigate the current treasure locations in Conan Exiles.

How To Find The Treasures In The Isle Of Siptah In Conan Exiles?

Players participating in Clan Hoards have set out to the Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah, hunting for valuable loot to discover. These chests and other priceless items can be located throughout the world for you to find; however, many dangers await you at these locations.

conan exiles treasures guide isle of siptah how to find spawning locations
Courtesy of a prominent Conan Exiles content creator, we know of a few locations where to find Heroic Treasures on the Isle of Siptah. (Picture: Twitter / Conan Exiles)

While standard or small treasures shouldn’t give players many issues in bringing back to base, Heroic Treasures, however, are different from standard treasures, are these can be carried back to your base. Additionally, these cannot be stored inside a Treasure Coffer nor added to your Inventory; instead can be beautifully displayed within the built Treasure Room.

Similarly, these can only be found in specific areas across the Isle of Siptah if players have installed this expansion map. If not, you can refer to our guide on The Exiled Lands Treasures, where we’ve also listed locations to find Heroic Treasures in-game.

As we have yet to determine the locations of standard treasures in-game, notable content creator Pixelcave has provided information on locating the Heroic Treasures. Nevertheless, we’ve listed all known spawning locations of where to find Heroic Treasures on the Isle of Siptah for Conan Exiles with the information provided by Pixelcave and the interactive map:

All Isle Of Siptah Heroic Treasures Locations:
  • Sanctuary of the Serpent (C9): Two Heroic Treasures can be located nearby the vault location by accessing the balcony area and atop an elevated platform front-facing this location.
  • Altar of the Serpent (C10): Not far from the previous location, this Heroic Treasure is also found at a balcony area by the Altar of the Serpent ruins.
  • Ruins of X’chotl (C/D10): There are a few Heroic Treasures to be found throughout this location on platforms and atop balconies, but be cautious of a handful of enemy NPCs in this area.
  • The Tower/The Barrens (I9/10): Located in the direction of the Towerwatch Keep ruins are a few Heroic Treasures on wooden platforms and inside structures facing the tower to be found here.
  • Towerwatch Keep (I10): Three Heroic Treasure spawning locations surround the Towerwatch Keep ruins. Look around on the surface, in corners and nearby gates, to find these treasure chests.
  • New Luxur (M11): A handful of Heroic treasures are situated throughout the New Luxur ruins, particularly atop a gate at the Chamber of Sacraments ruins and near the Chamber of Scales ruins entrance. Look inside the Chamber of Scales ruins for more Heroic Treasures but be on the lookout for a few enemy bosses lurking in this ruin.

There are more locations to find Heroic Treasures on the Isle of Siptah, as the developers will likely add more post-launch and subsequent Chapter releases. As such, bookmark this guide as we’ll endeavor to provide more updates once more reliable information is available.