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How To Get Unlimited Abyssal Mounts In Conan Exiles (Sacrificial Blood Glitch)

Learn how to craft unlimited Abyssal Mounts using the Circle of Power in Conan Exiles with this new glitch.
How To Get Unlimited Abyssal Mounts In Conan Exiles (Sacrificial Blood Glitch)

Abyssal Mounts, which include animals and tamed pets, are essential for traversing the dangerous landscapes and engaging in combat in Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery. There are two primary mount types: Horses and Rhinos, both summoned using Word of Power spells. However, crafting these mounts requires rare materials, such as Sacrificial Blood, which might be hard to come by.

Recently, a player discovered a glitch after the Conan Exiles: Chapter 3 update that allows you to create unlimited Abyssal Mounts at the Circle of Power without needing any of the required materials, including Sacrificial Blood. This guide will show you how to take advantage of this unlimited Abyssal Mounts glitch in Conan Exiles, making your journey more manageable and exciting.

Conan Exiles: How To Get Unlimited Abyssal Mounts

conan exiles mounts guide how to get unlimited abyssal mounts glitch word of power abyssal mount horse
One player discovered a glitch that lets you craft as many Abyssal Mounts without Sacrificial Blood. (Picture: Funcom)

An Abyssal Mount in Conan Exiles can be acquired by learning the different Words of Power spells when upgrading the Tome of Kurak. With the blueprints on hand, you must have the Thaumaturgy Bench crafted, as it will allow you to upgrade the Tome of Kurak to obtain the Word of Power: Abyssal Mount Horse and Rhino.

Lastly, it would be best to have the Circle of Power crafted and placed in an area. Its blueprints can be acquired once the Thaumaturgy Bench is crafted, granting you the Circle of Power blueprint. Requiring only 200 Bonemeal, 100 Bricks, and 50 Steel Bars to craft, place the Circle of Power within the designated area before using it.

The next step is to weigh your character down or at least over-encumber them by accessing the Admin Panel, which can be achieved by adding Stones to your character. For this glitch to work, you’ll need to drop the Stones from your character within the Inventory before interacting with the Circle of Power to craft one Abyssal Mount (you need one Sacrificial Blood, ten Demon Blood, and 10 Bones).

conan exiles mounts guide how to get unlimited abyssal mounts glitch word of power drop stones inventory
After over-encumbering yourself with Stones, drop them to the ground before beginning the crafting process and pick them up right before the animation starts. (Picture: YouTube / Dark Cat Gaming)

Clicking on the “Craft” button within the Circle of Power UI and interact with the Loot Bag, and hit the “F” key to loot the bag containing the stones, over-encumbering you as the animation starts. Once the mount has been crafted, you can check in your Inventory that you would not have used the Sacrificial Blood, Demon Blood, and Bones to make a mount, and you can repeat the process to make as many as possible.

You can level the mounts; however, these mounts don’t last long as they will turn on you or go feral, thus attacking you. This glitch can be beneficial when traversing the map, especially the Isle of Siptah, which boasts a large and dynamic map but doesn’t have Obelisks, and the Map Room doesn’t function in this region.

And that completes this guide on getting unlimited Abyssal Mounts in Conan Exiles. We want to thank the YouTube channel Dark Cat Gaming for its complete walkthrough. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.