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Top 5 CSGO Skins That Look Better In CS2

Are you an avid Counter-Strike skin collector? Come and check out the best CSGO skins in CS2!
Top 5 CSGO Skins That Look Better In CS2

This article will showcase the best skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) that will transfer nicely into Counter-Strike 2 (CS2). Essentially, this article will act as a guide to potential investors, skin enthusiasts, or anybody interested in the transference of skins between CSGO and CS2.

As we've seen, many skins are receiving visual overhauls and completely blowing up within the CSGO scene - whether it's Ohnepixel overhyping specific patterns or Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyljev showcasing new skins with his access to CS2, the game and skin community has been exploding.

Over the last few years, many have focused on making long-term money through Katowice skins, sticker capsules, and souvenir packages; however, things might change. Despite Katowice 2014 holders racking up their continuous stacks over the last few years and continuing to do so, players with not-so-expensive inventories will potentially see vast changes in price changes for their current low costing skins.

The past year has been crazy, with players seeing a substantial change in skins. Arguably in CSGO history, skins that cost $1 are now worth $3, despite them only being mil-spec skins with high unboxing chances. This is due to the aesthetical overhaul CS2 provides, making skins look glossier, more desirable, and overall just great (or how they should've been) compared with CSGO. This guide will showcase five of the most potential and upcoming skins within CS2 and why! 

Disclaimer: Please invest at your own risk. This information is a guide and not necessarily going to be correct. You are responsible for all investment choices.


CSGO To CS2 Skins: Desert Eagle | Hypnotic 

The Desert Eagle is arguably one of the most iconic weapons in the entirety of Counter-Strike, competing alongside the AWP and AK-47; however, the skins for the Desert Eagle have always been below average. This is purely because of graphical limitations with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The skins have always been good, but they're just "before their time." 

The image above showcases the Desert Eagle Hypnotic in the CS2 engine, captivating its gloss, shine, and overall beauty. This skin has always maintained a slightly above-average price; however, it's never broken astronomical heights due to its competitor, the Desert Eagle Blaze. After the release of CS2 (hopefully sooner than later), we will see the Desert Eagle Hypnotic and various other Desert Eagle skins, such as the Bronze Deco, inflate in price due to their complete aesthetical overhaul. 

The reason why this item wouldn't be a bad investment is due to the very obvious and desirable changes in graphics and aesthetics. Additionally, as mentioned, the Desert Eagle is incredibly alluring and iconic without skins; therefore, with skins, it will only drive the price up. The Hypnotic was released almost ten years ago, on August 14th, 2013. So, with the case now discontinued, these skins are only becoming rarer, driving the price up further. 


CSGO To CS2 Skins: M4A1-S | Blue Phosphor 

The M4A1-S Blue Phosphor is another obvious choice for investors looking to make money with the change from CSGO to CS2. The skin was designed for CS2, as seen within the image, really taking up beautiful blue waves on your screen instead of the dreary dark blue in CSGO. The M4A1-S Blue Phosphor is already significant in price; however, the amount of these M4s is limited because it is an operation skin.

Therefore, there are low chances of more being unboxed, further driving the price down. Like the Desert Eagle Hypnotic, the Blue Phosphor has been designed for CS2, with colors, aesthetics, and patterns. Players will get incredibly excited when noticing this weapon past the update, and it's a great investment idea. However, before investing, please conduct your research and ensure you're certain about your decision due to this skin already being astronomical in price.


CSGO To CS2 Skins: P250 | Visions 

This may come as a surprise to many players, but the P250 vision is an exceptional skin within the CS2 engine. The colors are bought to life, and the gun becomes alive. As seen, the Visions art replicates a "spiritual" experience with vibrant and authentic colors - so it's only natural that CS2 will bring this weapon to life. Additionally, the P250 is every AWPers best friend. They're generally used pistols within the CSGO scene and are relied on by many players. 

The P250 generically isn't a skin to be heavily invested in. Players usually spend their fortunes on more desirable weapons with more use, such as the AWP, AK-47, M4, USP, and others, but the change between CSGO and CS2 will affect every skin and change the prices of most weapons. If you want to return off a smaller and cheaper skin, the vision isn't a bad shout. The weapon has a use, demand, and uniqueness, and certainly, the vision provides the best aesthetic experience out of all P250 skins. It also has many different sticker combinations, appealing to the Katowice sticker crew. 


CSGO To CS2 Skins: AK-47 | Nightwish

Despite the Nightwish being available in the Dreams and Nightmares case and continuing to be unboxed, the skin obtains a lot of aesthetical potential within the CSGO to CS2 changeover. As most know, the skin changes when affected by lighting, giving the skin a completely new look and overall design, giving the swap to CS2 a lot more punch. 

Currently, the skin hasn't hit particularly well with the CSGO community, with the release of the Nightwish being slightly underwhelming to most players. However, now the release of CS2 is upon us, we could see a change in price and desirability for this skin amongst CS fans. Thankfully the skin hasn't ever been too expensive, and most skin lovers have experienced playing with or using this skin, especially within the last year.

For investment sides, this skin is relatively risky; however, I don't see the skin decreasing in price (or by much), and the skin obtains huge potential powering through into the release of CS2, providing players begin to hype the rifle up, especially after being on the most popularly used weapon in CSGO. 


CSGO To CS2 Skins: P2000 | Imperial Dragon 

Many will roll their eyes in disbelief due to the USP-S being preferred over the P2000, but as seen, skins such as the Imperial Dragon actually live up to their names following the release of CS2. The skin finally appears glossy, making the dragon look like it's overpowering the skin with flames and giving the skin the connotations it deserved for a while. The skin is a part of the Gamma collection, released in 2016, and is relatively older than most skins, but the skin is still being unboxed to this day and doesn't gain any "exclusivity" edge like the Blue Phosphor. 

The P2000 Imperial Dragon also lies at the cheaper end of the spectrum for most CSGO skins, making it a lot more of a justifiable investment, with players not risking much money. However, being the cheapest skin on this list makes purchasing more possible. The skin currently doesn't obtain much incentive to invest other than the aesthetical differences, but this is usually enough for the price to drive up, as most players want something that looks nice.